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The chevron boards always look very complicated but really isn't.Lets try:1020411020127612764112761596159641159619961996411996249624964124963121 witch is the same as what they got in the video.Can i have the human soul?3d printing metals is the future.I don't have a bandsaw, and my dewalt planer only handles 13" max width,.The word for "champion" in basque is "txapeldun" meaning the "owner" of the hat.Waw nice game I really need to challenge him if he accepted.

We couldn't because she is not named.My jaw never dropped once.Do they also have some happy, free running printers at the Prusa factory, in the backyard maybe?

How long it will take to 'experimets' and then beat Stockfish eg.I downloaded it to a thumb drive for future use.When I first got into chess I bought all of Yasser's books and I agree I think he is one of the most outstanding teachers of the game.That knight is a monster!Sir why can't white play knight to c3 to protect the pawn?

(Boy a lot of people get

(Boy a lot of people get

Fixed gain recorders, not vulnerable in that way, commanded 20x the price or more.Everyone interviewed about this guy and his killings seem like they're from the early 1900s.Very petty to end a game because he put iton the wrong square.Last thing i wanna listen to.How is that a losing position for black?Booom Boeing :-))).If you type in "McDonald's massacre liveleak" on Google, theres a long uncensored video of the police doing a walkthrough of the restaurant in the aftermath while every dead body is still present and shown up close.

If your indifferent to

If your indifferent to

Wow this is really an embarrassment.Thanks for sharing your projects!Thank you PBS Cyberchase for teaching me as a child how to beat this game.Interpretation-wise, it's personal perhaps, it could have been more romantic, a bit more fast-paced.Then, I’m writing to you to ask for your assistance.I am not happy with chess.I've never found them anywhere else since.Fallout 6, but it's in Japan.Towards the end why didnt you play pE5 E4.How old Anand still dominant?

Apropos nothing, the buzzing and clicking, 16:20,

Apropos nothing, the buzzing and clicking, 16:20,

3:35 tng e3 th sao.If white rook goes h5 to h4 checking king, white king goes d4 to c3 defending b4 pawn and now whiteRook cannot move along the 4 or 1 line and neither can white rook stop the Bh4pawn's advance without trading rook for pawn, which would leave white with a rookpawn vs pawn.I wouldn't bet money over blitz games like this.One of the best videos on this channel.This woman, IS A FUCKING QUEEN.An as no puedo entenderlo muy bien.And anand was hurt already since second match.

Oh, the irony of that

Oh, the irony of that

"I mate you, you mate me.Hey GJ, I really love your style of play.Wow what a game!I am a patzer, probably rated around FIDE 1500 based on several online ratings, but I know how to use a chess engine well.Love your channel.Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for Kimbop.Carlsen: 97 moves, 1 inaccuracy.Thumbs down cant see the board.

Zeyad Hani

Here I am having this in the recommended 6 years later.

Janine Ox

Ned: I've been friends with them (college friends) for longer.Eugene: You've never seen their penises.Ned: No.John: That's a lie. Cracks me up every time

Kelber Wilker Costa

Lindo, lindo, lindo! Perfeito!!!


It's not the Morphy Saga,but the Good Stuff Saga

Mohammad Tanatra

He was very close when he was talking about Islam but missed a few tiny details


Aye,I meant Dreev.I've got no title either but am going to do my first class next month.And your videos help me a lot.Thanks.

Henry Trujillo

4:30 karpov did not have better chances. We all know that the real legend was Bobby Fischer


Amazing teaching. watched all 15, are there any more .

Noah Knopf

isn't that a tite bond 2 glue

Tovah M Guillen

I remember being scared of the killer before he got caught. I remember thinking he was Ted Bundy even tho Bundy was in jail. (I lived near Seattle)

Seema Gurwani

Zebra print mix ho reha after baking ,

Cheryl Birdsong-Juneau

Seems pointless to me.Lots of methods to make a chopping block - this has to be the most impractical.


Again, a very interesting video with a really nice result. Keep it up! :)


i like this thing.more 80s like that?

Greg Dott

What a great album.

Terry Atkinson

Great job well done

The Cooking Life

It's a relaxing video

Jeff Green

Nakamura has dropped to 3rd in the USA and 9th in the world now. Carlsen continues to man-handle him, even in blitz and bullet chess (which is supposed to be his specialty). Red Bull should be sponsoring Wesley So. He's the current U.S. Chess Champion and is ranked 1 in the U.S. and 2 in the world right now. Nakamura only finished 4th in the U.S. Championship this year. He's yesterday's news.

Nirupama Roy

Piano keys where synchronised with keyboard keys so he can play piano and write at same time.