Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 3 [Deutsch] Teil 174 Daran erinnere ich mich!

But I really want to touch base for improvisation for my church.Love your analysis of each game.You mentioned Fusion 360 as a CAD tool.

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Is the white king in white and black also in white?You should just anylize the game and leave your option out.Hi,where did you get your branding iron.Boss Rod, maganda sana kung merong ding actual video.I'm 12 almost 13 and I know all of these.

But then the video clearly answered my questions!

But then the video clearly answered my questions!

Ada yg duitan asli gak yah masalahnya w ahli catur.You guys make me laugh so much, get yourselves into that gorgeous house of yours Moe.Thoroughly enjoyed the work AND the commentary at the end.My question is, who watches this till the end and doesn't like true crime ?Haven't read the book at all!However, this is the titled arena, where everyone's at least a master, and this is bullet chess.Poor child his smile isso engaging.Only contribution and not business mindedbut he contradicts this fact.Net for web can work with vb, aslo vb in MS access appliactions.T was on wall now there o on wall.

There's no immediate win after that.

There's no immediate win after that.

Nh zi em i hoc to giip.21:58 can someone explain to me how Dwan has the nuts?Regardless of results, he stays humble, works hard, and enjoys playing the game.Background music, not so much.Ang galing ni lodi long.

Well done, you guys are rockstars.In terms of quantum computing, there is no such thing as "EACH TURN" and there is no analogue.Cc x lu ng xe lp.34 ply I am guessing the house will be around for a 100 years.He should try going pro and earn som money.

Greenbreakcase 5:Button21.Nice videovalayasati.There is a very vocal community of people against california’s 3 strikes system.And those yelling "PROGRAM!I was completely wrong.Solidly constructed, should last a lifetime.I know it's crazy, but how funny would it be to find out that the answer to meaning in the universe could be so closely linked to a 6 digit prime!We agree that your knife is ranked 1 without the shave.Prefer normal speed and explanations rather than this annoying piano music.5:52 sao li ko n xe nh.

Jornalyn Gabon

GM YASSER, you Sir a very gentle man and a great teacher thank you so much...I hope I can attend to your session...God bless Sir.

Gokul Rama

Nice explanation!!

Michelle Manualitats

Beautiful video.... I will do it for sure !!!! Thanks!


Neat product, but on the bright side I found Markiplier's dad.

CMDR unematti

"dear console gamers, welcome to 2010" whaha xD


Magnus might be a jerk.

Kim Jong-Un

Did maurice mock carlsen later saying smooth shit

nick Johnson


Fran Juarez

typical mexican

Vaclavs ekauskis

i got chess ad

Geof Thompson

This could be all over tonight. If Biden gets a major boost from Carolina and the endorsements and can pull out wins in Texas Virginia and Tenessee then Bernie is done.

gabe briggs

Skip is crazy


I understand this is only the norway chess tournament, but if someone beat carlsen why is he still seen as the worlds best player?


Why didn't he take queen to H1 in the end?

Ezzeldien Magdy

Well chosen games.Great saga so far , keep going.

Lazy Crow

The cameraman needs to lose his job.

Daniel Jones

Looks like I'll have to sell my kidney or something now.I must have this!