Lesson How to Play Ruy Lopez | Firouzja vs Harikriszna | Prague Int'l Chess Festival 2020

Do you sell hand built guitars?What kind of wood u use?-right you don't know, GTFO!White now threatens to catch Black's pawn.

What do you think?I expect an intro one day with you slowly revolving on this rotating welding table.Nice work though.What’s a kickback?Im a filipino : may name is Reymark Aquino plss moe sargi.

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Very nice video.This Capablanca saga is honestly better than the saiyan, frieza, cell and buu saga combinednice work and keep it up agad.Ok so im Icelandic and I appreciate you trying to pronounce everything correctly, but I can't get over the cringe of it, you did well on svailfari though.Just as enjoyable as it is instructive.2seconds I find out what it is on this video.ToString("0") gain.Most of my axes are antique repurposed axes that I have had to rehang."I want that wook and I want that wook now" "Today or Tommorow?

Finished product looked great.

Finished product looked great.

Coronavirus normally wane in the hotter months, hope this one does too.If I may ask 2 questions.All you want to do is here bad trump.If you wanna use the console you can also do arrow up to load the previous command, although Im guessing you know that.Awesome block bro.Very, very nice.

Hey guys, I know this is random, but if you can support my NM friend with his channel by watching his videos, and if you want and can maybe subscribe too, he has some quality content, and has a lot of room to grow of course, but he needs your support and love for chess to do it.It doesn't bother me much that I can't print my product fast enough.I am now convinced that writing on a chunk of brown paper is a full blown right of passage.Think outside the box3.Great to see positional master in action.

I feel like the title should have been "are you big brain?The scene of polishing the front drawer in the sunlight was amazing but I think a rich red brown instead of that honey mustard yellow.I feel like it wouldn’t.I was surprised to see the board oriented with "loser on bottom".It's really a beautiful piece.Those Flexils are flexing on me on how they’re so flexible.

joey Grecco

Thats an upright piano. It looks in pretty good contition for being in a storage unit. Ive played for 14 years almost 15 now. To be honest, as much as i hate seeing pianos distroyed, this video was kind of fun to watch.

oswoq okedwwew

so take your time ahahaha. with me, try next year maybe

Eduardo Pereira

Hey Code Monkey, thanks for the excellent tutorial, would be awesome if you can teach how to create a clickable game like Diablo using the grid system with a practical A algorithm

Bruce Lee

General suggestion - glue a piece of sandpaper on one side of the stop block, then put that side against the fence when you clamp it in place. This should stop gradual creep of the stop block as you push each piece up against it - DAMHIK!

Nemank Yadav

What a beautiful tutorial! Please teach more tricky trappy openings and lines!

son ngo thanh

vua c nm thng cng :v

Lone Wolf

How is that door going to expand with the new bottom glued and screwed?


Very impressive the way you made the wheels. I really enjoyed this part of the video

Juliano Gama

Funny game with Golan his face.

Daniel Geng

You should put a box on the floor next to the curved end to catch your pens or build some square pens

Marko Tasevski

doggo going full retard haha

ben lukacs

is that a charnwood planer/thicknesser? if so, how do you find it?

Devil Devil

Dude finally you’re putting ads. Make that money man.

Kifi Lobendahn

Kifi Lobendahn (FB) Profile is Public. Posted a 5min 2hour Tourny. If you really want to see how Chess should be played.. Neither are strong players... disappointed I bothered watching. I see nothing more than a basic, fearful game, simple overused tactics, and the hope the opponent doesn't see it. I don't use hope or luck. I use skill. It's not by chance when I win. For example, watch their eyes, and expressions, they are caught off guard MANY TIMES... this is not a seasoned player.. not according to my standards. teach.

Richard Feynman

A classy game, a mere clash of titans!