Les Miserables - Alain Boublil/Claude-Michel Schonberg/Arr. Marcel Peeters

In the last Near 13 minute King to f2 should be considered.Tite bond really likes you and i.Pretty please :-.That's kind of based on luck right?Carlini under pressure vs confident kid.I thought that Ba7 was a bad move since Kc7 traps it und you lose a couple of moves to get back in the game, but of course the hustler fell for the trap - Kc4 threatening to trap the bishop yourself, winning the final deciding pawn.And a crowd was getting bigger!I love seeing unique, well-designed furniture coming together, it was a beautiful result.

Sky blue filament.This nigga said shine is very hard to beat in the building 67 times.Ill say it for you.Sencond best commentator team.I could tell Shaun wasn't that involved -- he didn't get on it at any time.There is no reason to think bad about somebody else only because he or she is worse in chess.Best wishes from Serbia.What does it mean?

Who is watching this in 2020

Who is watching this in 2020

4000 for 90 min is not enough you need it for nine hours at 10000 deg c.Maybe you can contact him.Playing Magnus Carlsen: 5:41Reaching 2nd Place: 27:35Staying Calm: 15:08, 25:09, 27:42Getting Tilted: 40:03Realizing He Beat Carlsen: 1:08:19Analyzing Win Against Carlsen: 2:11:08Fantastic tournament, Eric!They shit titanium.You have a very likeable nature about you and there were good tips here.I was shit scared it would break and result in serious injury.Yeah, just another way we stuck it to The King.

Take you're compass, and holding it as level as you can, place the pointy end against the wall at the widest gap.Basically s1: green, 3secs, s2: green, 3secs, s3:green.Well done guys.Parang c jennilyn mercado.Hey, my first game against a player I did the 1 attack.I enjoyed watching.Do i have to give up my health and fitness to sit a a computer all day to be egotistical narcissist who will die in my mid 60's only to say im the best hacker?

Does stockfish ever win?A big hope on this one.WriteLine( Friends0 )It gives me 3 Errors.There are so many steps in the making of a sled like this especially today's, how did you learn all of this or are you entirely self taught?Who cares about the hammer, you are not driving nails.I mean where did u get the hint.

I will try to make it using Olive wood :).This put a bad taste in my ears.It is by thechesswebsite.Bobby ree chinaman and handy Andy firefighter ginger santino.I was playing the best guy I know at chess and he's actually playing it like 247 so he knows the game very well, anyway.What are the odds you use this golem cycle deck?LoadFromFile("imagestiles.I cant stop laughing everytime aman says "three plus two!How long should they be lifting when they are formed into balls?

With those mines, I would have used the clear silicone I would have glued the mine to the chain.) to see how you do them.I laughed when I saw the killer move.This is extremely helpful as cold press is my best option.As always, great videoAnd I always play D4 but I’m thinking I should mix it up with the Evans and see if I can surprise my colleague.The chess is of 2030.

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On the first tomato maybe a little sliding of the knife would give a different result ?

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Turning our homes walnut again one finely restored piece at a time.Hey, I'm old enough to remember when walnut was in......and unfortunately burnt orange shag carpet....lol.Love your work.

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I guess DavisGr got what they deserved! I would have believed a lot of moves, but Nxd5 looked fishy.


Alcohol resolves all the problems you don't have and accumulate the ones you have for the best time. Probably somewhere close to a liver failure.

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Good wood, repetition, jigs, the right power tools, a wee bit 'O skill, you end up with a really nice looking cabinet! Well done

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The man does not know that the king can not leave the board (can not be captured) can only be given check, checkmate and drowned king

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Marc, the book link appears to be broken

A true meme master

LMAO it looks like a vagina with the back led's on


Wow, great work

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When Keaton tried to hold Dan's hand tho

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Lol i love MOE he yells it was only tom the cat

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In The Name of Lord Almighty,Every time he took that name I repeted God. May God Almighty give him a little bit of brain to make him know that we dont want contents which will haunt us not him.

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Oru cakeleku ethra gramannu cream vendath pls rply

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What a great video!


it's just a story telling