Lennox LEWIS vs Ray MERCER | A Close Decision | Full Fight Highlights

Finally, someone who gives ABS some credit.Woa this is so fast.So fucking cool watching them think out loud about the same lines!

Why does the intro sound like Crush by Polyphia.Lol He's so cool.What type of wood is that?Like a trip man!Love the plate cutout on the bottom.

You're moving way too fast and moving 2 turns simultaneously without saying anything about the move and I'm getting lost on where you're moving to.2:53:50 most awaiting game.Not prepared for an interview Mr.This phrase is intentionally vague, allowing room for interpretation.I have an old laptop, but too old, like really, really old.Should have been filmed live, and players would play to it.I’m a warlock i can help you.Personally I am buying the smaller set as the bigger set is a little too big for my tastes and more expensive.Or that they make cheese too.

How about rook to f7 at 17:14?Thanks, more subs in spanish.Very interesting.Dead tax collecter: YeP tHeRe Is A tAx FoR tHaT.Patrice was there, but they all seemed to be a bunch of assholes to Bobby."this is a Eugene led video" me: you gay son of a gun.Stop bitching so much i play chess every week i like to change it up a bit sometimes dont be trying to holla at me.I cannot explain the effectthat this music gives me chills from head to toe.After your move, breaking the 6 point, how will you ever win once you do get your opponent on the bar?

I will keep an eye out for some excellent female games.Then knight captures rook queen checks.Took me a while to think why Alice is forced to new 4x2 Square lol.It's now close to 75K subscribers!You seemed to suggest that it performed better than the one you had previously.A good friend of mine use a vacuum bag.I think a small tapered wood block would look nice as well for the knights head.MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE BLESSING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!Also at the last move before resignation Magnus can also play Rg7 and Rf7, King is forced to move left to not get checkmated, Magnus can then push the pawn and win.

3 Volts of power?

3 Volts of power?

That was an amazing build!He was 3300 on chesscubemay be 3500 on this sitehe easy win under 2000-2500.Thank you for sharing.My girl finally came back after seeing my improved chess game!I love so much this music!Ahhhhhhhhh, one of the greatest machining videos in the world!

Sorry For My Bad English:'.Thanks man probabaly now i will be albe to beat my dad i beat him once but he missed a move that one time.Is that before or after taxes lol.1:41:51 I busted out laughing at the "tough day at the office" comment!Looking forward to another awesome video course.6:59:04 I made it so far, and finally he flagged!Awesome video and perfect timing.Cookin' in the van down by the river.

Sembra che questi giocatori non abbiano

Sembra che questi giocatori non abbiano

All ok the knight in G4 y u moveing the black knight if oppent move H3 mean what u do small boy.You’ve made videos for years and you have tons of subscribers and supporters booo St.Those planes and yachts are named under their companies.You are a file master!I've made only one game and now I can't find out any cool ideas for other games.But then I realized that the story, action and person involved in the note of symmetry you talked about will nearly ensure that people will remember that concept.Another great looking board.


Can't believe so little ppl have ever done this or bothered to share/represent this fact... Nice to know I'm not alone in the appreciation of our solar system

Eike Onodera

Computer plays Flight of the Bumblebee

Joshua Kashima

"But That's Just A Theory! A Game Theory!"


A great piece of work.I've built a lot of cutting boards and I always ask later on if they liked it or not, problems, needs. etc.Almost all my customers and family have removed the rubber legs for the board, especially if it has hand grabs cut into the ends.They prefer setting the board down on the counter and with the legs they tell me it's a pain to wash in the sink.So now I don't waste time or money for the rubber feet. You may want to skip that part and offer it as an upgrade or make a limited number without rubber feet.Just a suggestion.I wish I had a CNC machine.Again, beautiful work and your shop is awesome.


The best rapper he’s had on his platform


The dropped camera was obviously some serious voodoo stuff. if you play magnus you have to pin a voodoo doll not a piece. And thats the only way you can distract him for 0.9 secs and draw


imagine if this guy had 1 dollaaa!

Johnny B Cool

How a genius really thinks, i am a really poor player but his comments are just gold every time. Its inspiring how he simplify every concept, not just chess concepts.

Qudratjon Komilov

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