LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Flying Dutchman Ship

If you are interested in the solution of this problem you need to join the cause, learn more about it and join these "scientists" so we can all have a better future.Just told my friends I got some hickey's WOW.This guy's an excellent analyst and commentator. HP then told owner the warranty’s expired, so won’t fix it unless owner pays huge $$$ to have HP fix it!Log("worldMouse Pos"Utils.10 minutes in and its been an hour.

Very interesting.Tal win in his winning strik.One quick question though: I was wondering how you would react to black playing 6.Really, when measured, it can only be either 1 or 0.The four syllables and numerous vowels.Carlsen good move but he lose on time:(.Wow, that Gelfand guy is a patzer!But doesn't avoid the fact.When he moves to f8 you can make a draw by going e7 and back to f6 repeatedly or you can just try to find another way of winning.Whata Gentleman!

You dont have

You dont have

15:26 Must be Rook to F7 manouvre.See these ones are better because they ketch on fire :Lincoln 2019.Subscribe to me and I will name.0:54 league of pubg?If yes, how do I apply?White is definitely better in that case.So the hack was half right.

I must tell you that he is telling the truth, we know of some corrupt officials who travels from South africa to Dubai every weekend with different girl friends, and someone is not afraid to show off a watch of R800 000, and investigations also revealed that he swindled the government R300MILLION and many have up to 18 houses in the best parts of the country, i say kill these thieves,.How did you get 4,200 in Bullet?I wish i could play well haha.Gjhghgurglgutgghvelutjgrfegyrfyhtuulyhijyuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighuthlurgjvbdfnhrutihbj,gjbgyorylwghvbyug573frhbjty75684yh54387b45gbbkoihyjgjkvnknkczaardrfglhjhp'jbnbjkvnbithjtioy.Turned out really nice though.But this type of probability is very common in real life.

My dad was an optical engineer.

My dad was an optical engineer.

Blendy penz have been around since my timeThey have no better home than with vat n19n.What do you guys think?Was being playful with the kid while still not pretending to "go easy on him" like some chess guys do when they lose to young kids.No long boring intro's, crap music, relentless talking shite- straight out craftsmanship, just look and learn, wonderful.What's happening with Weekend Woodworker?Can someone tell me how to download this game?Embarrassing out of 6!Seems like a great player and I enjoy his positional and tactical take on the game.

I was hoping to learn the various geomatarical tricks hidden in the chessboard.Thanks for selling me a commercial for kreg as a unbiased opinion.Look at that, have I hit the wood?I'll never know.I start to watch so many videos on YouTube and turn them off within seconds because the presenter just doesn't get how to teach without getting on with it.Alright, man, have fun.I love how you explained the little details and how you make it seem so easy.I found the wining move, thank you.Bd2 instead of 7.If the king leaves the central box he can go back again?

4:12 you are now

4:12 you are now

Would've been nice to hear some retroactive commentary if you had the time to go over 2 hours of footage.This is the only opening that I use and there is literally no videos on the Kings Gambit and you're just so good at delivering the information!This is too cool.SetVisible(true)lgf.At 13:30 Rook e5 actually traps the queen.There is no mate for Bobby!Your method is just fine.The word Tal in hindi means rhythm and I'm sure tal knows how to put his opponents out of rhythm.JUST AMAZING WORK AND SO BEAUTIFUL!

Sherar Rarehs

EL HEROICO GOYCO!Lo miro y lo recuerdo como si fuera hoy, tenia 6 aitos! Y como nos robaron ese mundial los Alemanes!!! Igual salimos a festejar al Obelisco!

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The film is thilakam

erin C.

Here is a simpler solution(I think):N = 5n114n1 = 5n21...4n5 = 5p0From n5 is an integer it follows that p0 = 4p1, so n5 = 4p1So n4 = (25p11)/4.From n4 is an integer it follows that p1 = 4p23, so n4 = 25p219(one could try 4p2, 4p21, 4p22, 4p23 to see that only the latter is correct)So n3 = (125p296)/4.From n3 is an integer it follows that p2 = 4p3, so n3 = 125p324So n2 = (625p3121)/4.From n2 is an integer it follows that p3 = 4p43, so n2 = 625p4499So n1 = (3125p42496)/4.From n1 is an integer it follows that p4 = 4p5, so n1 = 3125p5624ThereforeN = 55p53121The first solution is obtained for p5 = 0, which gives N = 3121.

Donkey Kong


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Que coisa mais linda!


6:00 You can prove it using some parallelogram propertys too!

Abhishek Khatiwada

Love from NepalI 'd like if U pin heart to my comment

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At 27:37, he moved pawn to f5, you moved rook to d6, but your clock kept going and it was your turn again. Wtf? Am I missing it after like 10 times watching.

the procyon lotor

Imagine if the fire department really played ring of fire when they put someone on hold

Tharemy Hopkins

I really like the board - with the feet it stays put but it's still sized right to be portobello.

Ali Libya

Nicejob man .. keep going Ali from Libya

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WARNING:Bernie could lose up to 533 000 votes tomorrow in California esp. among students and Latino voters because of their NPP (No Party Preference) affiliation. Even if you are NPP and want to vote Democrat, when you show up to vote you need to tell the polling station that you want a CROSSOVER BALLOT or else you can't vote. You MUST use that exact word or else officials won't give you the ballot automatically. (Guess who made this rule up - a Biden backer!!!)

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Nice! How much do these guitars cost?


A very good introduction to the slav defense! I learned a couple of things I wasn't aware of.

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Moe sargi I have a charzard holographic..are you interested?

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Use yellow tape. No cutting in,use glaze w/ top coat forget wax

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Good question is what is beyond the universe.....and beyond that...and beyond that.....and...beyond that...


This sounds more like what you'd hear on an AM radio if it was in the middle of a 1970's era computer room.

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Wood in a scrap bin is free game for small projects. I learned that from my mentor many years ago.

Romans 13

My God died for me to live. Then rose himself from the grave. That's a God of Honer. No other God will die for his creation to live, but one. Jesus Christ the LORD. Other God's watch and aid men to kill each other. They wouldn't be willing to die not for any of you.

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The dislikes are lazy people who don't want to spend too much time and money even tho he took like forty five minutes

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How do you deal with the pieces? Do they have something beneath them?

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He looked like DougDemuro on the thumbnail.

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5:43 you didn't discussed the variation in which queen would capture bishop...I don't see there is any way white can win from there....Nxe6 Qxe6 Qxg7 and black has three pieces for a rook...please reply


1:12:60 so sweet cute


All right

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That works for me.