Lego Friends Friendship Box Build Review Kids Toys

I had Ars first watch.Aahaha them hillbilly’s in the class lmao too funny!9:50 Helloi do not understand how you got that script to go through.Nice equipment makes for nice work.I don’t remember how long ago it was but i used to be subscribed to you with another account when you only had around 30,000 subs!The sound of this video is so cool if you're using earphone.

4:30 in Poland almost every umbrella is like that, like litterally.Capa is artistic with this mate.I would like to buy a table if you do make themto sell.The combination of wood and the vector data looks pretty good.The only detail that my eye caught was that was the grain of the light wood - I would have watched the grain to either make a circular pattern from the centre out or have the grain go consistenly in a certain way throughout the board.It was a cup and saucer you heard like a cup being put on a saucer.Classic Cremona.I got earraped from the intro music.Agadmator can you beat suren.

Un interesante trabajo.

Un interesante trabajo.

21:07 mini stroke.Butter kit Kat seriously Japan.This is the best video.Thanks Sir I was qualified for finals in my school competition with TennisonGambit and Sicilian Defence.Came for the pretty girl.

Thank you for that detailed explanation!

Thank you for that detailed explanation!

Excellent build video.Every major discovery seems to relate to circles or spheres.I was very impressed.Qc5 wins for white.That is an amazing door in an otherwise not so amazing wall.

JayGaming animated boy

may natutunan na ako sa video na to

Captinchris YT

Enjoyable video to see some German Engineering, and what's the song at the end of the video?


How many people recognized Adolf Anderssen's checkmate in the immortal game of 1851, what a great game.

Richa Gupta

can we use any other utensil except mould


I did it. It doesn’t look 3-D at all. :-(

Yogendra Kumar



Does anyone know the intro song? The video is hilarious btw nice job xD

Dan Y

This guy still hasn't pass puberty?

abhilash kotagiri

Ivisited the just to test if showrunners created it and it was created for real...

Mark Renton

Great video. At 1:18:23 instead of capturing the queen, the other rook can go in e8 in order to prevent mate if i'm not mistaken

Helen Zhao

3035 I thought it was a tennis ball before he said that it was an apple

Afro Samurai

She cried after that. Her delivery was off cuz she was really hurt. You hate to see it lol