Lego Chess (PC, 1998)

I am an electrical engineer but my true passion is custom wood working and I own a custom wood working shop.That's obviously wrong and pretty disrespectful to Sampras.Serial killer legally released from prison.

It’s kind of weird knowing Harry Potter doesn’t know this song is devoted to him.  Is it some kind of mod for Battle Chess if so, why weren't the animations actual battles?I used to analyse Kramnik's games as a kid with my grandfather.How efficient is it?If you are the average person and have no famous people connectionsthis is the dumbest thing you've ever heard and will never work so don't waste your time.You pronounced new orleans wrong.

Martin: soy el puto amo o We love you!But perhaps not 10.Nf3 line is killer!Jerry make more videos.Write("What is the second number you want to add?Schools,military,imigration.Gagwapo ng mga anak at gagnda."Me: Face palm, that's not how it works.Moe I give you credit 4 that cause your looked really bad.I'm very interested to start making bandsaw boxes, and your video was a joy that watch and was a really good learning experience.

I’m betting no one in the

I’m betting no one in the

4:39 what was that.I wanted to reach this video specifically because I think a higher understanding of pawns is what likely takes a beginnerintermediate player to a more sophisticated one.Best video ever.Queen's Gambit Declined: Medo's Attacks Variations.If the proposed method works you only need SIX attempts you don't need any seventh atttempt.Bang aq minta kontennya boleh.Long frame, good frame.The final outcome was just WHOA!Thanks for making and sharing it!

A very fine and meticulous job.Very good video!How nice it would be if geometry would be always so easy.That's impressive, but can you program it in PAL?So i had chosen.That was pretty cool.Looking forward to the introduction to the players, and then the actual Candidates!Bang kalo gajah makan kuda bagai mana bang.There aint no party with out TOM MY BOI disco still great watching the older videos.Its been a long time since i watched you.



Abi B

Dave ,man you choose the wrong person

hrishikesh aware

Very interesting

Kevin Lpez

How can i get it?

Oliver Bracebridge-Henderson

Try guys should be the Bi guys


Nice plane!!Your mystery wood looks to me like it could be cumaru.While you were working with it it reminded me of a project I made with it.Very hard, very brittle as well, but perfect color and grain for what I used it for.Link to some pix of it below, curious if you think it's match.Not sure if it's native Aussie species ...


I like what you do sir. Greatings from a French Guy

JF 93

1:13 Omg he actually got it

Juho Hiltunen

I want more of Zvezdelina Stankova!

Juan Vargas

desde colombia con cario, eso es una hermoso trabajo y arte "FELICITACIONES"........... me gustaria aprender


How exotic. What a great video.