Great review, im sorry about your misfortune with the chipped bishop and king.Couple of things about this presenter, Kevin Butler:1.Can't you just slow down a bit when you talk you sound caffeineoff ya nut.Ironically, that's what I was doing while watching your video.I feel like the diverging diamond would work better IRL then in the game kind of true of a lot of things, really.The funniest thing about Prohibition was the companies making things like malt and pressed grapes with warnings on the package that said things like "after mixing with water, whatever you do: make sure you don't drop in a packet of yeast, pour into a jug, and place it in a cool dry place for several weeks, because that would produce an alcoholic beverage and you don't want that!I don't knowif it's unnecessarily complex, I don't see other mechanical pencils that can do as many things as this.

Also you're right about bubbles showing up hours later in epoxy.At 6:25, you need a comma to deliniate after the x's math key is made (comma after "box").Helped me not to develop bad cutting practices, like so many do with a Table Saw, simply because it's the only tool they think can do everything and they see others making the same dangerous cuts on YouTube with theirs.Yet Stockfish 10 dismantles Stockfish 9 and they’re both 3000.Queens: each a knight-move away from the other.The end gave me hard n phirm’s pi song vibes lol.

It's at least a draw, if not even a win for Magnus (in the case of a blunder from Anand), according to my calculations.Will it work with chisels.Very good tricks sir,thanks.It’s good with 5Axis as well.It is simply an abhorrence of wasting money when poverty has not yet been solved on this planet."You never want your king and rook close to any knights" - words of wisdom.My mum said to say prophylactic encouragement, and I'm 44 thank you.

Hello Bro Nidi 3 Rd layer konchem Anni situations ki ela cheyyalo cheppaleh bro.Passando pra agradecer o conhecimento partilhado.He looks odd in that picture you show!LeBron to Zion: Yo Zion, ask to be traded and come join me in L.She tried for many years to get pregnant and when she couldn’t she asked her sister to give her one of hers.I would say these were nice tactical moves, that most strong players could figure out in real game situations without too much trouble, but no way Carlsen's 5 most brilliant moves ever.D5 was the strongest move in the position according to stockfish 9.Maybe sand the stain off of the lettering.Are we really pretending that ANY of the dems.

Brain out is absolute garbage.

Brain out is absolute garbage.

I saw the title, you have my attention.Thank you for doing another space episode!She should be paid a lot, I reckon, as  she's good at what she does.Uh hi can I like make me one please.I can only imagine how long the glue up took.It would be nice to hear what you are doing, I did something similar that started with a broken lid but ended AOK, I wanted o compare notes,.So, let’s say I have a potato.

Staining and wiping to reveal and

Staining and wiping to reveal and

Zoneid1407888var2579647.TANTO PINCHE PEDO PARA ESO?You can just infinitely do the same move over and over again.Thank you uncle.Are you from the same part of England as James May?

Fun fact:The video is actually NOT sped up.Very instructive!Get it for me for Christmas p.Sir agar Hme es form me photo box lagana ho to kaise lagaye.Other Youtubers: apologize for not uploading for a long timeAgadmator: apologizes for uploading too much.Personally, if I had the Festool track saw and wanted a table system then the Festool MFT would be a no-brainer.Didn't like the Ghostbusters remake?Otherwise, very good quality work.I usually know I have lost as soon as my opponent makes their first move.

Doni Hakim

There's one thing that can beat him.......The robot thingy


What's up with the music? Is this audible in the championship hall or it's an audio-over the original video? Regardless, it's terrible to put music on a game of focus. If someone wants to hear music, be it at their own will and ear.

Ume Habbibah

Nice method

Muhammad Sidhik

I like this video now I know how to play chess

veronica bolt.

why was keith a female hyena at 1:25, I rewatched that 4 times trying to make sure that keith wasn’t the one sounding like that, but it was.

H mohammmad junaid



One of my favorite Mozart concertos!

Rourou Xiao

Yeah, I noticed it. White queen goes on white square, white king goes on black square.