Leela Plays The Bong Cloud | Leela Chess Zero 32335 vs Magnus App Age 28

You moved my heart.We are confused by our intuition.If Might Magic ever creates a new open world RPG, they should get Howard Shore do the music.The embodiment of Lelouch.

What do you think it is?Still I'M waiting for that.Hi eric played this gambit last day and won the game ty so much.A symptom the majority of Coloureds have towards themselves and their reality.I always spritz my joints with a little water, prior to using the poly glue.Queen looks beautiful.Setlh menit 2:10 1.

Can I have one pretty please lol.Good for high volume jobs.With the advent of videos like this, and the saturation and availability of cameras, our planet doesnt need MORE teachers, it needs better teachers.Its a YOU are good at that tell the wife Hello love Grama BooBoo.Wow very awesome!Implying he just blundered a pawn.OofY'all please tell me if y'all did.That said, you should change your wp-admin address, that is an security vunerability.

Does anyone else want pizza.Kure kalamayiee movie thappunnu.He taught me a lesson." previously, so I wanted to apologize for my name blunder (I know, we Canadians are way too polite!Such an incredible game.What if black rook goes to F3?46:30 I love Royce's perspective on things, but I dont agree with everything he says, like this (which Adam led him to, tbf)Kid Rock was never just a straight hip hop guy.Thanks for a terrific lesson.Maging huwarang mga anak sana tayong lahat.When you go to the bathroom and some inconsiderate jackass stops the print leaves.

Gavin Dillon

I live near where osage orange trees grow, and I can verify to people watching that they have some seriously beefy wood.Farmers use logs as fenceposts, and most haven't even started to rot after being in the ground for over 100 years.Shame it was cracked. That thing would've lasted forever.

mohammad amin sarabi

Proper title: defeating nakamura that has no queen.

Jared Harper

Eric: oh I need to win? Also Eric: starts winning game after game


can you tellme what kind of square is that, thanks!

Claterpult Workshop

Great tip, better a halved joint than a halve-not... ed joint?

k d

6.08 she had the chance to check mate.

saipriya venkat

Yummy so happy to learn from you


It wasn't full super strength beer come on shad , everyone drank ale , weak ale , a lord legally had to provide a certain amount of pints to each servant. On one thr most famous brew houses is Shakespeare's in Stratford , found when the latest excavations discovered it.People emptied crap out the window on the street,they didn't have indoors running water.Rivers downstream from villages and cities were filthy full of sewage waste of all kinds .That is a fact,throughout medieval throughout Tudor onwards. This is verynaive,people bathing regularlypeople clearing their crap properlybc of laws..People don't even clean up their dog crap from parks even tho baggies bins are everywhere Humans are dirty fs

Kian M.Tamar

I wonder if Firouzja is not playing for a draw on purpose. I mean Jordan managed to draw his games, Alireza could possibly go for easier drawish games too.Or is he just like Nepo always having the most decisive games be it a win or a draw?

XxskillsxX CH

I don’t really like cheese rules to be honest


23:15 what state? soviet russia :D :D


15:00 reminds me of business. you think huge companies like mcdonalds or apple cant get sued or make mistakes because its so big but they were made by humans

Evi Gavala

Yo Tom ma boiii!Do a part 2 please and go upstairs!


Please, can someone explain why I'm rated 1850 at problem solving but barely 1200 in games?

sony q

Do it once and regrett it once it's much better than do nothing and regrett it hundred times...

usra tahir

Mera cake to Acha NH bna oven ma is recipe sy

Bill Steinly

I remember my brother and I untangling an 8 track tape. When we put the tape in, it sounded backwards.

Marichu Espijon

Anu ba yn nkkaiyak nmn ang story nto ang gnda mnuorin maraming mttunan.who still watching nov 23 2019.




And all the foam shavings get dispersed in the environment... great job!

Supreme Wolf MT

Did...Did Thanos just become an excellent subscriber? :O

Michal Maruinec

Because the king would be chased around the board and would get eventually mated.. Ra8 lures him out of the safety of the corner and then it's just a game of cat and mouse..

Denis A.

19:38 maybe some beer that's why i love watching you! Good Chess and some jokes!!