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LOL where u goin sweetie?Funny that the ad playing before this episode was for an online DANCE LESSONS.For those who couldn't find the "little tactics" at 7:41, if Qxd4, it's 25.It's not the same to be undefeated for 100 games with 75 draws than 75 undefeated games with 70 wins.

It'll be the first thing

It'll be the first thing

Thanks Mato, you are great!I know it doesn’t take much, but with the younger children you’d think it would be harder.Nakamura only finished 4th in the U.Never leave without a kiss.What's weird is that there are legitimate variations on chess that are fun and even widely played.Nipex plyres the best there is.

2 and 5 don’t make sense.The record only shows a lack of imagination.Sticks spoon in eye.I have no idea what he is on about.Thanks a lot for the video.That "piston fit" at 15:40 is the signature of the care and perfection of your craftsmanship.I like how he trapped the knight.

Cake under cook q lag rha h ?This was not a game worth posting because that blunder ruined any meaning of it IMO.Very well explain.Hint to other choreographers.This song is sick!I love this boy.Im sorryyyy i do not understand what does castle through check meansss?

At 7:20 what will be

At 7:20 what will be

Agad must’ve wanted to just save us the trouble.He was like: he won't castle guys ).Un bello trabajo me gustaria aprender esto.Albert Einstein.Looking at 6:19, I'd say there's no need to draw points F, G, H, and I, or make the other three squares.Too ecplicit, to much talk.BLACK PLAYED H5AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO THEN WHITE'S NEXT MOVE IS KG7-KF6 IN THESE CASE WHATEVER BLACK MOVES RESULTS IN A DRAW AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO ITS A VIDEO OF HOW TO MAKE A DRAW IF YOUR OPPONENT IS BAD AT CHESS.There's an undeniable beauty in Alpha Zero's play.I love how their is table has a dent from the Axe!

Press F then Press U then C then

Press F then Press U then C then

3:39 perfect team.Planets have conditions to contain life?At 4:55, would there have been any advantage to Addison playing knight to e5?I sat and watched the whole thing.Thanks for the lecture, couldn't solve the castling endgame one, and actually most others, Anand resigned after 56.Back then I'd always capture pieces and anyone who doesn't capture my piece would've made a blunder and is clearly an idiot.Great job but not worth anything without measurements.Glad I actually found some nice variations while doing this (either to find out it actually was played or computer suggested.

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What will it be the best material to use on the dash on my car that can handle hot temperatures. Thank you




This brings me back to when I had home brew, never thought twice about the stuff behind it though.

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What if somdone grts put in chdck make do you just clear heir pieces off the board and leave everything else?

Chian Tolentino

329349937Mineski CHiNXFanny ligth bornYour subcriber and you top fan

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Slaying the dragon!

Adam Cochran

I don’t get his humor at all. He’s a totally obnoxious asshat.


18:19 Magnus continues developing an American accent.

Tee Grishim

Ain't gone lie..jumper be askin some very unique questions..not repetitive ones like other interviewers..

Sebastian Mendoza

first game Carlsen up I dont think there's anything fancy with the knight here. moves laterOh this knight is extra trickyyy!

Aam Bal

extremely hard, intensive, neat and wonderful work. just great


Techmoan Never saw a "spider" adapter for 45's, though we had a few of the large hole ones. We had a rectangular block of plastic that would fit on the spindle, and then you would put the 45 on it like it was a misshapen spindle. No mucking about with putting an adapter onto each record. I'm under the impression most record players back in the day came with an adapter (at least around here). Did a search, apparently it was the "Pfanstiehl BS-5, Herald RP-69A, EV436SF 45 rpm adapter", according to jukn55 . com/other-items-45rpm . html

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I was trying to play for a draw in second puzzle.1.e7 Re3 2.Bf2 Rxe7 3.Bxd4 Rg2 4.Kf5 Ra7 5.Bxf6 and then it is rook vs bishop which should be drawn and I was happy to take a draw as I was rook down and my passed pawns were not on 7th rank already.

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Beautiful finish.

Lost arrow

There's a man who loves his tools!And amazing skill, well done.

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wow !! i' ve never seen this trap .. and its amazing and full of AWESOMENESS !!!!!

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How is it possible to fuck up the channels TWICE?

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Carlsen lost a mate in 3 at 6:44 with Rook takes H7

Sewon Kim

43:17 49:33