Learn the London System Opening with Black playing ...g6: In four simple stages

Keep up the great work.Hey, guys love your work.The World Champ must upgrade from dial-up.Que mala partida.25:42 "How should I put this delicately.But I guess that is, regarding to your limited abilities to play chess, not possible.I like this, please play blitz too, it will be easier for you to comment whilst playing too.I made this but the brownie is hard.

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Dada not concentrate in

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I subscribed to the

I subscribed to the

The amount of work and information is inredible!"Ruk bi tu, kin si sri".I like the mix of information and wit.What saw blade did you use for the cuts and the music was awesome!12:00 As Euwe probably knew Fisher was going to play Rb6 to exchange rooks next move, what's the idea with playing 28.Also, having the opposition does not mean that the player not to move wins: in THIS position it does, but there are a ton of positions in which having the opposition does not lead to a theoretical win.Why is the timer so weird, it jumps like 50 seconds every now and again.3:59 LOL look at Visser.

Its the same drum

Its the same drum

I really got worried this time!I like the sound it has.Congratulations!I wish you had more views.He's the best player in the world.Discount James May :D.Doggie: Now that you’ve finished talking to yourself, can I have the walk you promised me?Think I'd like J.This indecent proposal just goes to show white men can jump.

Can you please just

Can you please just

They don't care about longevity, legacies, or creating one.I can't play chess, and still was watching it for 52 minutes.I am only a 1300 rated player so obviously my chess knowledge and ability are far inferior to yours but I would rate your teaching ability at a 1300 level and my teaching ability at a NM.Door slams shut, oe runs and me.Im not a professional.

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Well I would also add, Embedded SW and software engineering, bringing machines to life and to think to what they are commanded to do.......I worked at SIEMENS: you can see clearly that the future is man and the machine.......SW-HW-MEone cannot go without another.....HW and PCB and electronics connect mechanical and software engineers, without HW there is no connection.....

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How could you do a tick tock video and not do the renegade

Raj king

you should ask it like maximum no. of cases, not the least no. of cases

Playing Playing

Muy bueno y como siempre muy ameno.

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4:25 mengapa tidak menggerakkan mentri ke c5 daripada pion? Agar saat gajah hitam sudah makan kuda lebih luas untuk melarikan diri




Turned out nice, those cnc machines are awesome.

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Otak dewa pale lu bocah goblok geh


I found f7!

Felix Morgan


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I like chess but not gambling..4 dollars dude. What if u lose

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Wait, what is the function of those white squares?

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"You can't pronounce either of their names, so they're good"


just recreated this game on my chess board at home.