Learn How to Play The Most Creative Chess Game! - FM Alisa Melekhina (EMPIRE CHESS)

It provides more fence to start the cut more securely.What's the relation between n rooks n bishops to a board of size x?Ging nghe bun ng qu :(.Long time watcherlistener, first time commenter :P.Thats innocent stare not deadly.15:20 you missed a back row mate.They had an electronic chess set that moved the pieces for you on display on the top floor.

Qe7 %clk 00:01:13 Nc5 %clk 00:11:39 39.I won against a level 2 computer (lvl 3 is a huge difficulty advancement) that you cana get a stupid amount of value from yeeting pawns in their base.Edit: That restoration and demonstration though.Why resign at the end?Did you make your own time machine or borrow H.You had a check of the green king at 1h11m41s for the points you needed for 2nd.When you yelled for James as you got a bit lost you could hear someone else.you can make pubg so.I miss my mom so much.

Wonderful I love this iam wondering what type of power iam new to your channel so glad I found it.I understand cast iron is more or less self-lubricating due to graphite and how easy the chips peel off and also can take on a lot of heat, but what about inserts?I want to program a sandpile calculator.That pie had better be $$ kickin !I blame the system they knew he was a killer and the set him free to kill.Awesome video Moe, Ali and Danny.Even though you could have lit that dudes hair on fire and he would have probably screamed SOMEBODY FILM THIS before actually asking for help xo y’all are working harder than you realize.The music needs to be softer in future videos as it's hard to hear your words if you are sound sensitive but yeah great otherwise.Hey, John, thanks for these advice vids.

I work at bestbuy and I didn’t even know we were doing this until the day of.Just what was that?Rebuilding a tool from 120 years ago, that many years later, check!If you're a chess player, you'll recognize that, for the most part,the Queens are a Knight's move apart.I can't blame my parents, they raised me well.

For you who wonder where to search the music to him, support his channelThanks.I merely had affairs with different women!There are auto-chopping trees, custom crafting recipes, free name colors, and other cool stuff.Wow love to see his calculations amazingthank you.Sorry, engles coach shop."let them eat cake" was just claimed as propaganda against Royalty.I NEVER HEARD THAT!Oh wait, you meant between REAL chess players.

Soooooo cool it my best song.Personally, I don't see any difference between this trick and flagging.But the home chef ishaving a bit of a problem.Que trabalho espetacuar.Can someone explain to me why white doesn't just take bishop at 13:35?Or should this not be the goal.

Alex Alfons

If there would be some petg that doesn't ooze or get stringy life would be awesome

Mickey Tets

3:29 e5 blck can eat horse (white) ?

Joshua Hunter

First laugh was 31:44 gingerGM talking about how quick the chessbrahs hands are really quick. Hahahahahaha


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Rild Keta

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Explicas muy bien, te pareces mucho Paul Rudd (Scott Lang)

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Here's something to imagine.Imagine placing a grain of sand on a three sandpile plane that follows the rules of sandpiles (apart from losing sand off the edge. If you did correctly then it will turn to a checkerbord like the below one:[4040404][0404040][4040404][0404040][4040404][0404040][4040404]


I suck at attacking Chess but am better at positional Chess. I’ve learned a lot from your channel, keep it up!


I did not stop smiling throughout the whole video. This was PERFECTION

Sayeed Koniyan

animator stick

In buildbox you will build it in 10 min

Miggy Seeten

which team do you think used the best chess engine during the games?? LOL

Michael Goldmann

"could you hammer this sheet of copper for me?""sure, I will just use my weights and my giant gear, which I happen to have lying around, for that." jk great work jimmy

Aayushi nnn

Bro I don't knows who win


Crystal Gaben

These Blitz games are my favourite videos. Keep doing them Jerry! Thanks for all the help in improving my game!

Noos Framboos

I actually made a diverging Diamond once with flyovers in stead of the crossroads with traffic lights. It was a bit of a pain to set it up, but it worked wonders. Especially since roundabouts can get so boring.


Great job,as well as some good tips!Thanks for sharing...

Namgago Pham