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This guy has no actual chess skill.Russians always treated others as equals in all respects, civic and legal.My response to Bg5 is Bb4, and if Bxf6 I go Bxc3and white has to bxc3 and black goes Qxf6, and the rest is tactics, simple ones.Thank you so much sir!Idol pokwang the best ka talaga mapa comedy man o horror o drama the best talaga.Has anyone else noticed that Brackeys has been stuck at 900K for like a year now, they just need 30K more subs.

U should test out, 250 degree celsius,

U should test out, 250 degree celsius,

I hope Mr Buffet can do these types of interviews for more years and stay as sharp as a tack.Is it too hard to spot, or do you need to calculate too deeply, or is it just too unintuitive?It's like a scenario of how the shield wall in the middle can triumph a 2 to 1 ratio of enemy's Viking matches would have been so hyped up.Magnus is a God.I will NEVER get those minutes of my life back NICE BOARDS THO.

Why my man look like Shia Labeouf.

Why my man look like Shia Labeouf.

I get lost and confused sometimes in the descriptions and explanations but I really enjoy your channel.Como puede tener este video 2mil negativos?Kung sino pang kapwa mo sya pa ang magbabagsak sau.Thx for the awesome video!Tal creates moves out of thin air.Old man talks too much trying to throw him off his game.Lots of love for this awesome lecture thanks a lot.

We don't build these

We don't build these

I can see that on the SM1, but to do it again on the 2 reeks.Located on Beasley Blvd.12:05 it took me 2 minutes to decide whether you said bobby or not."This bishop is like, uh, I-I don't know what to call it.This will be the first in a loooong line of projects.

Didnt like his brother.I'm a beginner in this, but I learn fast with you, like the layer mask tutorial, multiples jumps, could you teach?Who knew they had metal lathes, milling machines and computers back then?Love the finished item.Why you cutting on the back side of the sled i cant think of a more dangerous way to cut wood.You are cheater.I ended up with a Festool track saw and Basis System table.

By Stew wow this is probally

By Stew wow this is probally

Why didn't you show the king getting killed?Anna naku place cheyadanaki okati kuda correct ga place avvala.And other shopkeeper took 1000 so 2000 loss.Would have been much funnier if he had played queen sack at the end, that's an animation worth seeing the king taking the queen.White people have a very odd sense of humor.You could someday print a smartphone.It turned out beautiful but I’m just not to sure what it is?23:00 - We think thr same about the Settings UX in Linux distributions.Excellent performance.

Thanks for well made content and I enjoy and learn from all your videos.That's fantastic, sir.And when his opponent caught him, he'd say "these squares are disturbing for my eyes".You mirrored the game and by that you did alter some statistics, especially for someone who uses colours of fields in a game play - like I do.(2-1) who yall got?Great job though.Amazing project, Chris!

Rose’s Gacha

I am currently the number five spot on my schools chess team and you guy saying it wrong and the wrong pieces names is TRIGGERING ME SO BAD

Rose C

wow now the younger twin can see what she’ll look like in 11 years

Rashid Rachu

Mani chettante last irigiadil adipwoli role vanna cinema...

Agile Creator

Im impressed

Paula Larkin

These are beautiful! Great instructional video. First time I have came across one of your videos, new subscriber for sure.

George Elias

I love how the couple in the video was warm, kind, and genuine tho each other. They were both really down to Earth. Even though the lovely lady was nervous, she REALLY did a wonderful job explaining the recipe and by keeping it simple, and taking her time allowed me to follow along, unlike other cooking shows that just breeze on by.This video has strengthened confidence in myself to know that I can potentially cook with a stove made of bricks, a piece of paper, and everything else that you need for the emergency fire could be found in ten minutes. I also picked up on how Bio conscious the gentlemen in the video was energy conscious and only used a handful of twigs, only what he needed.I liked and subscribed today. This was my first video of yours and it certainly will not be my last.

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Hawig nya c Carla abellana pero pg boy sya kmkha nya c Alden richard

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You can still play flappy birds on your Android device. Just download the APK file and install it on your device. Here is the link: goo.gl/mtBYmE

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no lighter burns without fuel u fool... its burning with a solid fuel instead of liquid fuel

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Good 1 sir plz make some new videos on definite integration

Mr Kreepers

CNN is fake news

mateja Savkovic

someone else downloaded it??

Faris Akmal

something about presh's own solution made me remember about pascal's triangle

Alan Velez

I would like to try some positions with Irina...Stop it!I'm talking chess.Anyways, I've always had a crush on Krush.