Langkah terhebat dari Grand Master Catur Dunia Mikhail Tal

I have a few questions.Hello, from Chihuahua Mexico, my respect for you, you are amazing, I told you before, PLEASE start training more people, we need this type of people in this world, we need real men, not the extreme sensitive guys of now.Also 960 is so refreshing to watch.

Excited for the video Jerry, always love your commentary, will you be doing three WCC 2018?Heit es nicht nachleuchtpulver?Dont make chess competition in a hospital.That 2nd game was a bit ropey.The music was too intense for 799 people so they slipped when trying to like.Thanks for this video.

Yelling is irritating.GMs play for draws a lot it’s very tactical when they are in a championship playing against top player above 2800 rating.The power of Yale.Right now it's a black panther which i don't want.Calm down on the voice.Gonna have to steal that one.The best move is O-O-O.

Coupled with the way AZ also tends to box in the enemy light square bishop when playing as white, it seems that it's identified black's light square bishop as a piece that can easily be removed from play by white if black isn't careful and thus takes steps to accomplish this when playing as white, and takes steps to prevent it when playing as black.Thr purple sword guy lulw.BTS i love you so muchh.You could write polygons to TV using Arduino for example (the composite video library called tvout does this in the demo with a wireframe cube).Just think of this small amount of logic, it only takes an input of a few sparks,(short bursts of current) to rotate a large 33 cm circumference pulley,(about 10 cm diameter) once, giving you 33 cm of moving belt.3:03 stone cold.

(The Japanese seem to be obsessed with Anne of Green Gables, and I've never had any idea why.The end graphics that result from each tour look really cool - any pics of just the graphics of the completed tours?Kha pa ha ya center.A sphere must be the fairest -).Kind of wish you would have noticed so we could see you freak out LOL.Is this guy really 1600 rank player.Bobo with a gun.Something new to think about.If you want to use the epoxy chunks you already have, consider breaking some in small pieces and throwing them in a bottle with a couple LEDs.Thanks for sharing!

You’re going too fast around 5:20.

You’re going too fast around 5:20.

So you can correct errors such as the copper inlay method.I've always wondered why Rex has that panel with flags from different countries on the back.Wanna see a dead body.3:17 if dxc5 and dxc5 then qxd8.This seems to me to be more tactical ideas than strategic.1:38 when your trying to tell your friend there crush is here.

What are they writing?Phle main aap ki hi video dekha krta tha.Oh my god you need a fishing rod called beeline.Absolutely phenomenal.Evan's gambit which was not played in the game but it is my channel and yes i can.Very nice and cool.The best comment of the whole thing.5:pos 1else:pos -1cou 1req.

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very cool to see Magnus taking on all comers...thanks to 1 in the World...:)

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I'm somewhat concerned that I haven't seen your sidekick the hilarious dog for a while!BRING BACK THE DOG!!:)

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Great job, I like the way you think.


Very Nice...

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I have that monitor. It’s very inexpensive. And very light.


Man, this audience is sure generous with their virus.


Hahaha....Tony...Everytime I think i have had enough and you come up. with something Vout of the Box...I just LMAOL.... Couldn't wait for Part 2. UD...

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jediking12 Becasuse, whenever he lost a horcrux he losted a part of his soul - his own. You see in eight movie he almost completly loosed his mind.