Kygo - Stole The Show feat. Parson James [Official Music Video - YTMAs]

Her idea is creating a safety net and minimizing future suffering and your idea is indulgence and spoiling.Theory of partitions.And good of you to get the "Banana Slug" to weigh in too!Bang nama game nya apa.

Am ready to invest.Money for Sex at the Farm is a typical Proposition.I think it’s much more easier with SFMLCNice video btw.God bless to the family.How did the sacrificial side boards help with planing?For the last position you showed, stockfish actually favors white by half a pawn.Times have changed but they really grew as people and a group.

Hello Sir, I love all your

Hello Sir, I love all your

But I noticed that u try to find 2 many mistakes n your wood work and explain the mistakes.Please help me.How much for this bag.Hey shouldn't split poles moe it's bad luck.Can you trap the king against another defender?Lol Kingcrusher calling other people psychopaths.It's everywhere in the us.

My bow is almost done and your

My bow is almost done and your

"Now this is Wizard's Chess!NGL I know this is a paid ad and everything.Too bad i sometimes dont get the 'simple option' of 2000 rating xD.You're gonna be under pressure to maintain that "clean" by the guys at DollarShave Club.Can you possibly do a video on the hedgehog defense?Gorgeous work, brother!I once sold a paper clip on ebay for 400 usd well it came with a free eve online account lol it was the only way i could sell my account legit.

You deserve a like and subscribe

You deserve a like and subscribe

Commentors: sweats nervously.Lol all the comments.I need order in my life.Would have knocked his chess pieces onto the floor and shouted to everyone there that he is a cheater and not a fair player.Coloured tile may have been quicker ?

Why do they shake when they

Why do they shake when they

Hoping all is well, Dirty Jersey out!120 dollars a month.What a great piece, I like when you do content like this!Online pe eek match khelenge bhai please ha bol dhe.I'm learning a lot from you.Rubbish Restoration!I own cubic ninja (had no idea about this beforehand) and i can confirm that it sucks in terms of gameplay and such.Your joints look great!Birds on the background is so peaceful.

desmond tinarwo

Joe Prusa is great Guy!!!

Chinmay Karkar

Rb7 nb7 ab7 a6 b1= Q

Ngoc Nguyen


Lorne Green

Jenny looking real good

InCrEdIbLe Haulk

Dumbass tattoos on his face this man is 35 lol

Emperor Darth Jar Jar Snoke

I was so damn close, just forgot to account for the sailors secretly taking coconuts :( btw I feel like this was a missed opportunity to go into recursive relations, the hand wave step near the beginning where we went from a recursive relation to a function which C0 to S6 was a pretty crucial step in solving the riddle and while it was mostly just tedious calculations, you mostly deal with powers of 4 and 5 so as long as you don’t expand the numbers it won’t be too bad.

Fort Univ

I am not sure but looking at the stare of Magnus, it seemed that he he was suspecting that probably some information is getting leaked.

Kirk Morrison

A major improvement over a Tune Radio Frequency Radio and the Regenerative Radio. I have restored and built both along with Superhets. The Superhets work with an IF intermediate Frequency of say 455 kilocycles (Hertz) the tuned frequency 780. Kilohertz you have on each side you filter out the unwanted image and the wideband on one side and the carrier. You can filter out the carrier to and reinject it and save broadcast band spacr


instantly reminded me of lord of the rings on the first stage lol

Rahul kumar

12:06 i found my godamnidol


8:30 wouldn't wite bishop to G8 be better?


this was a class game

William Penn jr.

it cost about $50 for the wood.You can just buy a set of plastic workhorses on Amazon for $20

Chris Is

Is Dubov from Argentina?

vince Duaban

Sa mga nag sasabing talo ang bata dahil sa illegal moves nya...Makinig sa paliwanag at sana intindihin mabuti ang rules ng laro... At kung na click sana ang timer non paniguraro talo agad ang bata dahil disqualified yan...Kaya illegal moves ang tawag don dahil sa rules at narinig nyo nman may tatlong illegal moves pa siyang natitira..sana po maiintindihan nyo wala akong alam sa larong ito pero cguro tama paliwanag ko hehehehe


that geezer with the leather jacket could see from the start that the attack looked good but want winning, whoever he is good player !v

vijay singh

very good art rare,i like it

Cormac Kantargis

Thank you... I can't possibly explain, but this amazing album has become the sound track of my future. Thank you...

Ali Ali

Best best best

Stephen Curry

I m harshul jain

Hans-Peter Porzner


Ben C

Its because he played all that bullet before the match lol

April Tornquist

Nice work!I'm curious about the clenched fist holding the tools.What is that meant to represent?In recent history that symbol has been most often used to represent communism.