KVDC interview IM Malcolm Pein London Chess Conference 2019

A Japanese manplaying Chessan American gamebased off Goa Japanese game.I was just coming comments to say this guy sounds just like Count Dracula but someone beat me to it.Hey LOOK a butterfly!Serbian Sniper Gambit.

Other than that, it is exquisite.You're an artist!The quality difference is huge between 360 and 480.Nalaman niya mali.Imma come back like a b o o m e r a n g.

"" stay positive!

"" stay positive!

" wasn't answered to this tutorial.Kxh7Qh5 and Qxd5 which looks wining.0:18 i started to cry almost straight away becouse hogwarts will always be in our dreams and we are there when we sleep.What's interesting to me is that this is like the Cold War repeated, instead this time it's the U.How to waste $2000 on a shit plastic lmao.On move four of last game blue and green have check mate blue takes reds pawn with check yellow gets out of check and green checkmates with bishop.

" I'm going to have

" I'm going to have

This has a flaw.I know you are amazed of 203K likes for a comment.44:44 Gotta watch out for that ring-around-the-rosie tactic.And if all three triangle's side lenghts are of relative prime values, then, a fifth point appears: The Metroid.This weekend was like 86% off (75% for the DLC's), so I gave it a try.Taking notes here.Thanks for posting these videos.Different and interesting."its a time when you're really into.Why no linux computer demo?

Makes it even more watchable.

Makes it even more watchable.

So you couldn't move the rook to e8?A small charge of child molestation Are you for real?Also the scene at 1:00:40.GJChess After 9.Aaaaaaaand they upped the price.5:10 did he just say 1th.

leopetar jk

the first time that you end the video with a very decent rhyme!!! jajjajajaaj of course that desck is ecxelent !!!!

Charles Henry

How long does it take to complete a project like this?

Anouar Moussaoui

lol stone knife and skin......... yeah wright


Pathetic chess. Sheesh.

Dhiraj Shah

Or black ne hath mila liya aisa bola karo


Huyn thoi ca nhng huyn thoi c khc <3

Fikret Rakc

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Akshay Raj

At 10:32 agadmator uses force

Mabihina Fff


Will Canavan

never even heard of a mallet like that before I have to have a go at one of them love it or several goes

Daniel Chan


Joe Gardiner

That is the most american looking guy ive ever seen

Faz Naz

49:40 Some of the moves played from this point onwards were very suspicious. And the way he checkmated his opponent was also very suspicious, like Rxg7 is not the human response and taking on g7 with forced mate on b8 was also an option. This person played very accurately too....


World champion you are

Jemma Lou Castillo

Damn!Didn't Realize When I Clicked The Like Button My Battery Was 1% and Had To Charge It -

Timothy Lee

I could sense that guy was intimidated playing against her.