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U kojen si gradu?Why you are here?I swear if this shit starts spreading rapidly I am not leaving the house.It's not bad, but it's also not good.I’ll just get a job then.Now MULTIPLY fingers above to other hand 1X44 total (6X954) this sounds hard but it's just a visual identity that multiplies all the six through nines.If he was my Math Teacher, i would definitely always enjoy listening to what he's going to lecture.

Your videos are my Saturday morning treat with breakfast.Sime pareceuna buena tecnica para aprender, gracias profesor.Ding had a better position (I'm not chess expert) but he panicked at the end and spent heaps of time.Triplek Made in indonesia.Bang main "Chess" Tutorial vs Ai (Computer) Level akhir :VKyaknya semua kotak udah dikunci pergerakan kita sama komputer saya pusing gak bisa menang.13 minutes into the video, I begin to wonder if this guy is a grandmaster in adlib or something.Once again nice job.

But you don't get good positions in the middle game unless you know your openings.He is the only man,who speaks Ivanchuk language.The knight arrows on chess.That's pretty sick money when you consider it's using scraps!I guess I’m getting eaten.Rx presence, delivery performance is still ass her pass is puttin words together and being pretty My got all thee above charisma.

PS: Every tools' length are incredibly long and appears to be carbide, not particularly good for your machine long term (high resonancedynamics) :.It was awkwardly silent and creepy.In 1D, there's no difference.PeteR SolbeRg, not Pete Solbeg.My only question is the leather seats, shouldn't you soak the leather first?You are a genius!

I was on the USCF website earlier this

I was on the USCF website earlier this

Nazi mean made in Naziland.Really liked the graph at the end :).What is the footprint If I may ask?Sticking his name into everywhere.Stunning, thanks for sharing.But, Alpha says "nope"lmao14:45.Who knows how to get better playing chess?Teen titans was right.

Do you think

Do you think

I just got your e-mail about the precise connections issue due the shrinkage.All transistor design.He is greased lightning and makes me feel like i have Alzheimer's.Rd1, why not rook on g2 check, queen takes rook, bishop takes queen?Maybe some dimensions for the parts?Don't worry, it'll get done, after this video.

Edit: yeah, then i continued with the video.SGI managed this almost 20 years ago with the Origin3900 series, though that required rather a lot of racks.I wasn’t born yet!What's is your job with this awesome setup ?95% of the world have absolutely no idea what 516ths of anything is, or how much "Three thousandths" is.This is really, really great, guys!EXCELENTE TRABAJO.Probably the greatest video of jigs I have seen - excellent explanation and the reasons why you need these jigs - the must haves are good, but I really think I need the nice to have ones more.Think he was just giving Liang a chance to win.Thanks for sharing!

Heartbroken TJ

You should do what’s in side a snake tooth or a shark tooth


Really great videos Jerry. Thank you.

David Perlo

Best chess analyst on youtube

Luis Tovar

most annoying comentator

Klaus Skrudland

That locking mechanism was beautiful

Dominick Moeller

just watched whats inside an airplane. 1:21 you see the us plane isignia

Paula Patterson

Great tutorial. Love all your videos. You make all the techniques you share so easy to follow. Your cakes also look amazing. Thank you for sharing

Bobitza aka NoobulPlictisit

No tutorials in this vid, clickbait. I know it's in the description, but you said that tutorials are in this vid

I agree with you.

Really great video, thank you!!!

The life of Ryan

Can i give a little advice, (unless you already know this trick,When you tape up your surfaces use a small bastard file to run around the edge its easier and fast in my experience and a very neat finish, (instead of using a Stanley knife, as i think iv seen you do it in another video) But other than that fair play, high quality vice for cheaper than a new one noless, I hope my advice help, (unless you already know then.... nevermind)