KOTD - Rap Battle - B Magic vs E Ness | #BATB3

Every time danny opens the giftDanny: HUuuUuuUUuuHhh.Firouzja is on his way to become the world champion.I know it isn't a good position for White at 7:54, but couldn't you move the Rook to d2 to prevent the Black Queen's check on the White King?

Hey wait it

Hey wait it

"Berd" is a new abstract strategy game for 2-6 players.Hahahahaha they are weird!But that original one can't be the sum of anything, since if it were then the zeroes beside it couldn't exist either, they would be ones too.In 10:12 of the video wer u check.Moin So what they have recreated or restored with a lot of attention to detail is truly a masterpiece of the finest respect.Will need to watch this a few thousand times.4000 for 90 min is not enough you need it for nine hours at 10000 deg c.Thomas from Bloomington C."---Absolute great work my friend!The other guy was a grandmaster?

:P I'm really radical

:P I'm really radical

That was 60 years ago.Licin dri cekatn kesigapn brpolitiksiasat nya tepat mllu.Life has been so hard on me lately.Can you extend this to 3 dimensions?THank you for uploading blitz in 50fps instead of 30.

"If its one man that can

"If its one man that can

Well I have watched master log builders for years, it always amazes me as to their pickness on precision.Vic-20: Allow me to introduce myself.Dude that is drywall MESH not TAPE.Why have i never heard of this.Thus the solution comes quickly:- staying within the dots quickly shows that turn 3 only leads to 1 uncrossed dot being covered, forcing going outside the 9-dot pattern.I used to have C64 computer!(Also shout out to two set violin).This guy looks like a mix between Ron Weasley, FredGeorge Weasly, and Bill Nye.

I went to school

I went to school

Nice job and looks good though.Also child of divorce I turned out ok.Watch To Our great Friend.Yo fan from India.But then again, extensions are hidden by default as if Microsoft wants you to NOT know its an executable.And that’s the real reason they had to kill disco, because album sales dropped significantly and 45 singles were rising.Initiating program Dumb down programming to avoid intimidating students.I think Fischer would have played against a weaker challenger, but Karpov would maybe have been the toughest opponent Fischer had ever faced in his career?



Trinh Tu Oc


City Builder

I live near Lexington, KY and everyone who goes down Harrodsburg Rd know thatin real life the diverging diamond is a pain in the rearand holds up traffic in the worst kinda way but on cities it seems to work.

Milton Edwin Cobo Cortez

I love Magnus...always fun to watch his blitz games


Nigel Short isn't from Manchester, he's from Bolton.

G Bortolot

At this age I was climbing my neighbor's tree and falling from it.

Baljit Singh

Is it so cold out there, but the kid does't seem to feel that.

Joe Pasco

You went from showing your new squeegy to jumper cables and generator withno explanation. I've never seen this kind of wood burning before.

Papa Alpha

Si Wesley isang Pinoy pero SA kaalaman NG lahat SA amerika po sya naglalaro dahil malaki Ang bayad SA kanya Doon hahahahaha ibig sabihin SA amerika napunta mga title nya, hahahahahaha


He’s repaying the dems for attacking him every time he is on the global stage

Bubba Hotep

As a non-mathmatician, I really wish that in my field I could just take impossible condundrums, multiply both sides by 2, then divide both sides by 2 to make the impossible conundrum go away.This maths convention, while convenient, seems like a hold-over from the Platonic era that is divorced from reality."...=nothing to see here, move along."

sanam shaikh

Very nice

David Wan

"there's only so much you can do in 7 days"Notch created Minecraft in 6 days

Jinn Bottle

Glad we have Jerry to keep it light. I waited the first half-hour to see Mr Magnificent take an L. Not.


You gotta send that lock to the LockPickingLawyer, he'll love it!!!!

Kenneth Thomas

Thank you !! You are an inspiration, Shaun!

Andrew Armstrong

638 employees of Festool, Dewalt, and Makita dislike this video.

Zac Higgins

Wow! I never would have guessed those were turned on a drill press. Great work on them, and really awesome tip for people who need to knock something out in the round without having to drop the cash on a lathe!

Team Lining

I will never stop being mad at BigHit for forcing Jimin to diet and get abs and show them off when he was still a minor and said he didn’t want to. He had been constantly criticized for his body and its led to his insecurities and low self esteem. He can’t even realize his body is amazing now and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have abs. I’ll never forgive BigHit for doing that to my baby.

Slime.and. Swirl

6:02 i now get the joke

Anthony Homsek

Steve can you be my wood work teacher , I'll pay for you to come to Australia I love the extra information given about every thing you do , makes it much easier to understand this type of work


He was a master-bater

mike russett

I am a beginner and I have decided to participate in Ludum Dare 45! Date: October 4th-7th.