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Donald Trump A Great American.

Donald Trump A Great American.

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I just enjoyed it.

I just enjoyed it.

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As always, thanks

As always, thanks

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May not be a win but feels

May not be a win but feels

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I love your cake room! Such an inspiration to use different organizers to make everything nice and tidy!

The Dudermensch

Great stuff! I have a fundamentals request. What factors do you consider in deciding if you want to play on the light or dark squares? That would be cool.

MingTuck Chung

No wonder it got forgotten. No different from those draw a card quiz table top game.

Joe Aquilino

I think ur hoodie is the same color smart guy lol ur the best !!!


34.03why not Q C3 by Svidler and easy win?

Jitendra Kamble

Brilliant explanation and all possibilities ..

Joe Ditta

Beautiful wish I had your talent

Wesley Kaluba

can we please see a game by African champion Dr Baseem


Dam, fair play to you my guy. Spending hours just for this video. You deserve my like.

Bamboo Yt

Philippines flag ha shes there

Roanh And Quiem Plays and Vlogs

We philipinos never forget about pogs

Melandochromis Chippoka

Rats, you lost a bunch of those on supper close times while winning!


its too much fun to watch Svidler playing and commenting blitz!! I can watch this 7/24!!