Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan Highlights (2003.03.28) - 78pts All! Kobe Explodes in Last Meeting!

I think you should get a powder-coating setup.Who knew gosu would be so toxic.You know your day is complete when you heard 'Hello everyone' by Antonio.

I think I'm in love with Alpha Zero.Sublime para mis sentidos.Bulgakov ('The heart of the dog' - great book, btw), soviet writer.To me it looks like that after the sequence white is just 1 pawn up and black has bad pawn structure.

You must be IM strength!" phrase 50 times in one video.Do you think it would be ok to build a chess board without a backer board?It looks very nice!I recently received a slab of Florida camphor.

Keep up the amazing work.What theme are you using on Ubuntu?I have not done web development since 2002.Try spinning the pencil with your hand.This is awesome, wish i were there.Your a big tool.Many thanks for your work on these.I am not a student of Igor.Humans are in kingdom animalia or whatever it's called so technically its right.Thanks, from a Mere Mortal!

Looks very good!

Looks very good!

Should of left those ladder patterns in the end they were awesome.Many blessings Paul!They both did a tremendous job.A couple of these jigs will definitely save time over the techniques I have been using.Like chemicals don't kill vriuses, unless it's a super hot or super cold spray.

I want to learn

I want to learn

If you like ww2 airplanes, check out the Secret Weapons over Normandy video game (only option for PC is playstaytion 2 or gamecube emulation).Im 14 so I have allot of time.Well, he was right about religion.I had committed to watching another video until I saw this.Plz teach me chess,i don't know about chess.As a gold holder I want it to stay rare.Why not take b4 with the knight in move 10 of the 1st game?Who knows, maybe I get good at making them and add them to the list of other wood projects j build and sell online.Kramnik is on fire.

Since Dada moved her Rook instead of the King this means that Golan wins.Great video as always.I love your videos, especially this one.Be mindful of air bubbles.I'm confused right from the start.Update: Ivan Milat died on October 27th, 2019 at 74 years old.Magnus hec heceye razilasandan sonra sifetindeki gulus ohhh sukur ifadesi.That turned out beautifully.

Too good to be true.

Too good to be true.

They told you Trump is the enemy, and you accept it, they told you Bruce Jenner is a hero for coming out trans, and you accept it.I didn't have quite enough spare-time to watch your videos for a while, but this one really reminds me how much of a gifted teacher you are.Thanks for the video JK-M.But what about shaedon?Better check with your frame manufacture, often a repaint will void the warranty (sorry for being a kill joy).


Are there some infinities infinitesimally smaller than other infinities?

And Tz

suggestion Carlsen, M. (2834) vs. Lalith, B. (2542)PRO League Group Stage Round 8 28 Feb 2018


awesome project

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365 times a year 1 time a day

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Why are there only twelve videos in this series?

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Plz upload swapnakoodu

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Jerry is on fire


Kali kali mampir ke chanel ku bang

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At 26:58 - 26:59 I hear something grunt.

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Wait a minute... Eric quit 10 months ago (today is December 2019) ... this was published one month ago (Which would be November 2019) but he showed up multiple times in the video... Hmmmmmm something is going on here


Ruxisticohe can win because top flight chess is mostly opening preparation, the king's gambit is not that sound, so I bet that GM's don't spend much time preparing for it, still they know the lines but it isn't like they spend the time that Carlsen most likely spend on it before the game

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can play the beginning on piano

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Good game. Shit video.

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Ah so nagkaron din ng ibang partner si lola


Step 1: Bring out the bamboostickStep 2: Knock him the fuck out