Kobe Bryant legacy

What black can do about this things?They forgot the Earth's tilt.I wonder what properties these groups have.

share this info with everyone you know, be part of the great awaking.  You end up with a very nice chess board that will last for generations if cared for properly.Pity he wasn't down a king.Ada jebakan catur yang mudah dah cepet skakmat gk gua pemula.

Magnus lost his killer instincts.Though of sharing my implementation Demo -.Thanks in advance.Nobody knocked their King over at the end or threw the board.Dont have to do the math.Love vinyl still.Instead of Rb1.This helps me a lot.

How did you make the tongue and

How did you make the tongue and

I like the photos at the end, its really annoying to skip when you start with it.Zach is overthinking and letting his anxiety shut him down I relate to this so hard.Scrapwood Challenge.Why Not you coverage the current tournament?Fastest hat changer in the West 0:21.Cb5 -- very Karpovian!

Black has little more advantage.

Black has little more advantage.

I only can say this: AMAZING designs.You already solve all the problem.13 he could have move his queen to a7.Dario Saric is never coming over.Mato is the best!Are we married now?Keep up the good work!No blood, so boring :(.Can you make a backgammon board.(And tools)great work.

Dan Golwitzer

Beautiful. Just to be clear, I am in no way ridiculing you. But, I had a nephew that was playing with a steel tape measure and sliced his little baby hand pretty badly. I'd hate to see your cute little guy go through that. Great video.


16:23,it IS the move Bh6,because the move Bg5,white has Ne4 discovered check and the bishop falls


takaa e

this guy is healthier than my 62 years old dad damn

Coos Oorlog

is this 31?

Albert Knape


Milan Ilic

"I won his queen, im the best" 10 seconds later... "noo, Bruno noooo" I laughed so hard on this one great job guys

Karissa Jensen

Okay but real deal, are y’all hiring???

Shanya M.

This comment might be a year late and 26 dollars short, but can we talk about Keith shouting YEAH !!! For the lat 10 seconds of the video

ADI gamer

Paun to g5