Killer From Above

Your tactical (and selfconfidence about flagging) skills sure served you well here.Harry Potter moviesbooks will always be my favorite.Its a piece you pretentious twat.Simplesmente lindo.Magnus should really start making videos analyzing games he finds interesting.This is porn for chess players.Keith channeling the pillsbury dough boy over herep.I like restoration video, very like it.

Many times robert is

Many times robert is

I hope Fabi will win in November, I'm italian and he is half italian too.Ben this is great.Whats the average cost of these boards?I have been leafing through chess books for years.Uber Eats backpack?

Long time listener, first time caller, a like and comment for the algorithm.I am excited to see more of your videos!I just came across your channel.Also what's the music at 13:09.Everything is so confusing I just don't wanna be barbecued immediately after I'm deleted from the world.Is there the originalunsped-up version of this somewhere?0:19 - hit for the rap.Someone in my house would put it in the dishwasher.As always, loving your videos.Sao luc chieu het vua ko an hau.

The curvature of the head or should I say heads in this video are amusing but equally important are the simple tweaks made to a simple mallet.That turned out great.Wonder how many thousands of dollar it will cost you when you loose your keys.Bat sa 4:50 dinub yung salita hahahaha.There's magnets in the bottom of the table.If infinity is every number, the opposite of infinity is no number.

Hemightbea goodchess playerbutthere isdefinitely somemalignantnarcissist sociopath characteristics with thisguy.Nf3 %clk 01:49:06 Nc6 %clk 01:39:11 3.It was over after Gotti said HE STILL STEALING, I was like damn then John John gone do this, NIGGA YOUZA BITCH!You should show the finished product at the beginning.His opponent wanted his shirt.So its fair is woman go against males.Amazing content.

Cant Carlsen maneuver the

Cant Carlsen maneuver the

Tr ump represents racism, sexism and hate.3:56 That dog attacked with a tempo.Search for pox Nora on PS4.It is incorrect that the consequences were unforeseen.I dont get the last clip.You should have done a spoof on a long lost interview recording of Ringo, or get some other impressionists to play the other lads.

That creates a bishop-queen fork and creates interference for white's plan of attackSuggestionscounterpoints welcome.This earth needs more trees.Poor camera angles.The thumbnail makes me feel sorry for Nakamura.A charismatic, humorous showman in fine formand he plays chess, too!This is the most complicated fucking game ever.Reminds me of the Paul Hewitt physics lectures.This is hilarious!

cassandra and jelian

Walang kasuporsuporta ang tatay

Omar Go

6:46 the greatest blunder of ALL time !!

Mike Rose

I thought of the King of Spades in the beginning lol

Arun A



He lost, nooo.

George Stafford

This video was made in st george utah


Cool and ingenious:) regards, Phil

Sam Ski

Ich habe Ihre Anleitung mit dem Pulver befolgt und nun leuchten meine Augen und Finger nachts. Habe ich was falsch gemacht?

Adam Johnson

You lifted and carried a 4 x 8 sheet of oak three-quarter inch plywood? Wow

Ashish Mahamuni

Such is chess, you will not be always at your full health. agadmator quotes

James Beil

Matt. Where is your awesome hair!?!



Aditya Shrivastava

Robert Hess is such a good commentator. Haters gonna hate.

TheLantern Express

Dude never apologize for uploading. I love your videos

elias granero

Bonito! ...bueeeno :)


Your biscuits are too tight. They have probably swelled due to humidity. The biscuits are made to swell when glue is applied. The concept of a biscuit joiner is the same as a floating tenon and edge to edge joining are obviously stronger using tenons if you care to think about it. The joints are more forgiving and slightly adjustable after glue up making it a better choice for mortise and tenon in some circumstances.

Arif Kassum

Brilliant commentary and hilarious !

Observador Universal

Excelent video very nice

Christopher Haden

Try speaking and maybe explaining what you're doing.

andree hammerschmidt

Good luck