Kasporov biggest blunder against Anand

Where do you live?Ricardo Lopez INCEL.Go and lookup swami vivekananda as well while you’re there.Being cheaplymade on top of beingfryed and frozen added to messy demise.9:21 Rxf3 Black won!I could be missing something.My Grandmother's axe and the one I bought 30 years ago for camping are double bladed.

What does it mean?Did I miss something or was it just not worth the setup time?Autochesss laucher :))))) nghe cay th.

Nice work, but

Nice work, but

I wish to make one for myself.That's gotta b one of a kind worth alot jst from artistic view alone.I've made 2 mallets so far, the first exploded and the second one is still standing but i need a better, hardwood and heavier one.To long2 time Not smart No genius !It removed the patina, which is part of what gives it value as an antique.Ganda Po NG kwento.Firouzja won the tournamentBut vidit won our hearts.Will this kid be a world champion one day?

Does anyone know of a printer, material and design combo you could recommend for this (ideally with a grinder to recycle materials back into filament)?I got the Cedric diggory wand.The music sounds like a 70’s porno.Thank you, the video will help.After that white can’t do anything.Gravity is the biggest problem for the SM because it tries to treat gravity like a force when it's not.SELL ALL THE SHARES IN YOUR 401Ks AND GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET!Noen: i know people who post the same dance 3 times a day with a diffrrent outfit in a different place and get 1million likes.Mato, being honest with you and i did pause the video and i found the exact move tal did play, Nxe6!Wow absolutely brilliant,thats art.

Jerry you're killing me with your

Jerry you're killing me with your

The real life Macguyver.This cured a lot of headaches.29:46 he didn't want to play RC8 due to na7?Amazing game of tal sir and just brilliant game analysis by you bhaiya and terrific game it was definitely and thnks for the new change in displaySince2-3 videos.F3, there is Nxg5, and if fxg5, then Rxh6 mate !You guys sound great.Always educational entertaining.Thanks for an interesting video!Magnus: 10 moves down the line he has a nasty fork.

Home sweet home!

Home sweet home!

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I currently live in a building

I currently live in a building

Keep cranking out these videos.Ooooooooaah COLORIIINNGGG!Try to check that Agad.Ziya naptn kaleyi verdin aq :D.’, oh, right, I remember.He is a good man I like nakamura.I like and play with the first opening rs.Once he said his name old dude was like son of a bitch.Skips the unnecessary 0 or 1 trees at the beggining.And you don’t have to keep asking the same questions over and over.

Great explanation.

Great explanation.

Vidit is trash,.It would protect the pawn AND protect the queen.I wanted to see the match.In cheese ss place we can put butter?For comparison, just look at the respective numbers of opening in Starcraft and chess.Hey man I made one of these and I can't get flames from the side holes, I only get flames from the middle.


Interesting analysis. Keep up the good work.Cheers

James Crydeman

Wonderful video, right up there with the Finnish Log house video. I lament the loss of so much manual skill and the attendant loss of self esteem that comes with it. May there always be people such as these. Jimbob.

Adm Yasin

Who won?

space man

so erhm.. yea will you open one of those pokemon games :D

Alan Syaheed

klo yg jago catur pasti percaya langkah sikecil brilian diusianya

Joshua Hendry

Really cool video.

Suzy Septic

Holy shit you guys know each other???? And also, Im just finding out..... Damn

Geralyn Lean

Mummy papa audrey ahmankohkoh kungkung aunty aku geralyn emmanuel jacob lucy lola rayn kakak janet kakak jennifer

Jerry Abney

Your table is amazing and the workmanship if outstanding. as to the feet on the table I like the curved ones