Kasparov CRUSHES 😲 Anand with the Sicilian Najdorf (Anand vs Garry Kasparov)

What happened at the 4:28 mark?While the black king seems rather exposed on d8 the only way to get to him is by doubling rooks Q on the c file.In that last game 8.The world is plane.

They should be immune with this type of cancer.To all the people scared this will cause shortages: Just remember, almost noone that has enough money to make even the most marginal impact on supply, would ever listen to such turd brained conspiracy advice.Not a great idea to use your vernier for scribing, will lead to wear.I won Rs 1500 once playing 6 games of Rapid Chess for an entire day.If you wish to harm anyone for literally no reason you are human filth and a waste.Maestrazo, soy principiante y me est gustando mas el ajedrez.Maam apne konsa red food colour use kiya ha.The follow up is rook to e1.

I've never heard of this thing

I've never heard of this thing

YO I LOVE WHEN THE THREE OTHER GUYS START T- Posing.Yes I’m older too lol.I know nothing about wood work I came across your videos and find them therapeutic and interesting to watch.This determines to large degree the quality of thinking and moving.If I could still fit my Cub Scout uniform I could make a killing after this.Love it -- "d3, d2, d1.but you were a physical person and like to get dirty and make good money, thiswork is for you.

Sana sa future kahit 100 na tayo.Allah knows all.Subscribed before the vid was even over:).Hi brenda i watch ur mmk episode fun muna ko brain damaged3.Other teachers just yalk about the main things.Fischer good for seeing through things clearing.1:33:23 uff ejjathi feel.12:17his dog farted?Bring back the camera drops, those spiced the video up.

Can't wait to see the live edged river version of this!What does the "ft.Me: so, you’re saying that you’re god, or.Redkaru-bullmura, this is one of the best nickname I have ever seen.So far, you have two of his games in the database, one loss against Kapsarov and one loss against Cralsen but in the years around his Champion title he was quite a beast and deserves to be given one WIN video.The mate with Rh8 Kxh8 Qh3 Kg8 Qh7 can't be stopped.I’m not a gamer i know wtf a t pose is my guy.

carlos villar

11:32 mafua

Darryl Brooks

I've been watching your videos for awhile now and all that I can say is that you're a MASTER at this.

Bhavya Srivastava

One of the most brilliant zugzwangs I have ever seen

Barbara Daly

At 17:20 you can hear something say help me

Arriaga Two

Beautiful and easy to the eyes

Music Art

Baliw na kultura.

Stone Angel

Yeah thats great, maybe 3 min will be even better ! Best regards from Bulgaria ,keep it up, cheers ]

Aaron Bittner

I've done a little turning... not a lot, mind you, and I'm no expert... but this piece left me very conflicted.

Pavlos Boudagidis

great! Next step... Hero Quest!

sandead gaming

I hate this now ppl gonna use hanzo more and take it from meF

Robert Hernandez

YouTube..... We don't give a f about ads. nobody does. this only benefits you. i can't recall or image anyone watching an ad, then purchasing or researching anything you promote. what a waste of 5-20 sec.