Karazhan Run + Chess Event

07:06 : why not pawn b7x a8?What is the song playing in background 4:37 onwards.It proctected loser.Your opponent used brain and its super effective.She’s so positive.Honestly, one of the best films I've ever seen on YT.

Nice game, just a little comment at the end after Rf8 f7 Kh7 no need for Rg8, just Bd3 Kh6 Bg7 Mate.The second highest viewed video for this channel has 10k views.The diversity of your content never ceases to amaze me.At 4:22 Knight to F7 was fork to 2 rooks.What a great piece, I like when you do content like this!

This makes me wanna cry when they cut it in half.There is so much for them to fake and so little knowledge about what it is they don't know.If your trying to increase production and money burning a hole a horizontal with a tombstone would make more sense.Ive just shown my wife and hinted that she could have a go in my workshop.A small charge of child molestation Are you for real?24:10jiwa psikopatnya meronta ronta:v.

There was a trolling!Then AlphaZero's first few moves are tactical calculations too, not based on actual Queen's Indian Defence as humans see it.She is a woman, and they suck at chess compared to men.Especially since the folds are of base 2.I have to say this was the most basic and practical one I found.This game is really a modern opera house game, not just the bishop and rook manuever, but also blacks kingside rook and dark square bishop didn't move.25x SpeedThank me later!

Hope For the Planet

I wish More newsmen were like Lou ....and asked hard , challenging questions of political spokespeople ....rather than swallowing whatever theyspew out to mollify and placate the populace...Well done Lou...keep their feet to the fire...AMERICANS...( and the world) ...WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH..THE FACTS..so they can be PREPARED......We are NOT CHILDREN !No one wants to be the Cricket who Sang all summer While MOCKING the industrious , hard working Squirrel who spent the summer preparing his home and gathering up nuts and grains for the hard winter ahead....

Phuong Hothuy

C 3 qun tng en v c 2 tt phong cp

Kieron George

So reaching row 5 is say infinity is finite.But what about supertasks? Can't they turn infinite things finite.


well played, congratulations.

Stealth Squad

Pretty helpful, thanks

Morgan Barker

7:49. But, but my mallet isn't done yet! 14:38 those are also known asVixen files. I have one and I agree with you completely.

Marcos Cabral

Awesome stuff, Ben. Please do more of this on lichess

Hugh Neutron

Now I want to eat cheese

Alex Lore

This is the state of chess these days... 90% mind games... RIP Bobby

Ss Ss

The moment this theme play as harry wandering through the window hit me do hard.

TheProtean Girl

I love this guy, need more vids and teachers like him with his humour and enthusiasm. He just knows his shit.


I think it is a brilliant idea. I would love to buy one if you were making them to sell.

Soetek Herb

Cheating on 5:23 or explain?

dale watts

This channel is BRILLIANT,

Ui fi

But if you take a 4x4 there can be executed up to 4 moves. Ex.(R4,C1) (R2,C2)(R2,C2)(R3,C4)(R3,C4)(R1,C3)(R1,C3)(R2,C1)R=Row, C=ColumnSo I dont know if this is the way to prove it.Also there is a thing called "Knights tour" where there a knight can go from any position and fill the entire board. Which means that there are 64 moves in including the act of putting the knight on the board. So without that there are 63 moves to be done so the one to go first always wins indeed.


Greg's Garage

Just to make sure your skills aren't declining, you should tilt all the shelves at 7 degrees for the next one.


It has NOT been 6 years. I refuse to accept this