Justin Bieber Sings “Never Would Have Made It” at Kanye’s Sunday Service

I saw this pattern and guessed it correctly before he got the answer.It brought back my own memories of music.NOPE JUST CHUCK TESTA.)Thank you very much for this brilliant ideea.Chess is not for the faint of heart and the weak.

Didn't know Ricky Gervais analyzes chess games.Thanks for the video!You've also helped me with tactics and my foresight.No one pronounces Scheveningen correctly :) (my wife's dad is Dutch).And youtube algorithm recommended this 6 years later,cool.All I have to do is learn how code works.

Lux told Chess that the energy was sold separately.Bb5 e6A deep analysis of both lines would be interesting!Black is better.What if we kissed.The bishop pair excels in materially imbalanced positions, where it compensates for the exchange or a queen sacrifice, because it is then unopposed.Jeremy Renner has a chess YouTube channel?

Did someone once

Did someone once

Him- I cut it open and found.5s vs over a 1min.So once again, we have to de-condition our mind from that Pavlovian response of box construction, then we can feel free to roam around the space constructing all manner of diagrams.Start a credit repair businessor buy a package from us and build your new life!Keep making great videos.

We re going to have tournament tommorow Im going to use 4move checkmate and friedliver attack.Thank you for withme,really!Or maybe a better science-y way.Anything you can add?This might sound like a silly question, but was the music really this loud at the tournament?I had seen this from Magnus' perspective, but watching both at the same time is amazing !I'm just a begginer and I'm sure it will help me a lot.This applies to everything divided by 0.Also, is there a noticeable interruption as the play head jumps down a track or is it seamless?

Quick question,can i use metal brackets

Quick question,can i use metal brackets

First of all thanks for covering these beautiful games.Sir i am a big fan of u.Trump's ignorance of health, climate change and the consequences of debt is pathetic.I'm new to chess what has he done to get this much hate ?I found the move!The dislike are probably from the alligatorsLoL.

8:19 Bd5 is a good move dont you think?I like david he is from my country.I like the Presenter laugh just after saying "Tal said: when youre winning You wanna play safely":).Totally awesome!Isn't it about time Americans converted to metric.But first, after the final rock trade he looses being one more move forward with his king by moving pawn to G2, but that wouldn’t make any difference afterwards anyway.30 minutes of your video queen to H2 square would be the best option?"Berd" is a new abstract strategy game for 2-6 players.Side note: I didn't know jig saw blades that big were made.This game looks so amazing 3.

Why not knight in front of rook 15:26 ?Do you think she takes her position seriously.I don't know which is worse, playing for 19 hours or watching someone else play.2:24 THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE.As a chess enthusiast and a newbie to the ChessNetwork, I want to thank you for the effort - outstanding.Or just some matches games?6:38 king to f6 is fine, can't take the rook or it's mate in 1.That's the kind of haircut you get when you're trying your hardest to hide that you have a university degree.Am I missing something?

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so if 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 u play 3.Nc3 anf if black plays 2.c6 the slav- u bring ur f3 Knight first into the mix!?


1 comment for "youtube engagement"-purposed, fuelled by sarcasm and 4th-wall breaking.


thickness, thickni?why use a latin plural for an English word ?

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Awesome game! Got introduced in chest little time ago and your videos really got me in this incredible world. I'm very thankful.


Youtube exist so long and retarded peoples still ignoring descriptions. Great vid and like! :)

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