Okay, my friend, you have the pdf of this workbench for the upturned tupia.Thanks for sharing this.4 said there was room for one passenger.And if i can use.I can't wait for you to send me pictures or videos of the boards you're currently working on.They're getting it wrong with Biden!

Just look how hard it is for enterprise providers to switch to AMD Eypc from Intel, and they are both x86!What I figured out by being a chess amateur, is that.Cutting hand is a punishment for stealing if it's not for need and alot of other conditions and they must check if thereare any suspicious cuz no mater how small it is, it will stop the punishment.Around 12:30 mate in one u bot.Hahahanaha, these guys made my day.Your natural and logical thinking came across conceptually clearer than I've come across since I started checking out these lessons.The quality of this is shitty.Sorry for may bad English Thanks.

I love it how our over proof rum is in this.I thought you'd use your new weekend warrior mini saw to cut the pieces for its mobile base.Im pretty sure you are supposed to ride those ride the drift sideways like freeline skates.4 matches who would win Fischer,Capablanca, Murphy or Carlsen?Beautiful table and a great video.Love these games and your analysis of alternative moves.What's the part used for?He shrugged and walked off.Everytime he asks "Is this a good exchange?

You also must castle only with Rooks on the same starting row, or rank, as the King.0:00 White has a queen and 3 pawns Black only has the king.Love the way you did the hidden bracket.When you got 3 queens but.Ang ganda pa nang story!How did that abomination of a game get into the world again?I can s what you mean by the vibes though.Interviewer apparently decided to not pay attention at all.

Full of exciting Bams and Booms !Lol i tried making these and failed pretty miserably.I think American is the best glue.Just came across these chess lectures and love them.Pagli ho tume aata nhi hai banana.We need more Anna asHansen that is pretty entertaining.Line the mold pieces with clear packing tape before you hot glue it together, it should release much easier that way.The entrance to the sanctuary is inside you" Rumi.I already knew the material but I'm shocked at how well he put together the explanation.Is this laminar plywood made with more glue than regular furniture plywood?

Jay Shah

What if the opponent plays C7 pawn ?How to defeand it.


Great video but the machine is a load of rubbish.

Sunil Kolekar



breath taking


Hahahaha. That is sooooooo me - driving to the store 5 times a day, coming back to get an earful from the wife....

Jim Leonardson

I bought one of these a couple of years ago and ground the iron with an 8" radius to make it a scrub plane. I have a lot of urban scavenged lumber the is split or rough sawn. It's the first plane I go to for flattening air dried stock. Another thing to do is sand or scrape the flash lines off of the plastic molded knob and tote. As for the adjustment being stupid, it's not that stupid, a million spokeshaves use that kind. They're definitely less expensive for manufacturing.

Moh Abbas



Jesus... you are good...

Syed Kalim

Too yumm


What determines the starting position in each game?

Fabio Trucco

In the last game white finally got a better position against the scandinavian RAT. At 2:30:28 after ...Bxd5 Bxe7 ...Qxe7 could have played the tactic Bxh7 ...Kxh7Qh5 and Qxd5 which looks wining. The same was possible in the next move also

Scor Pyo

very good! But be sure and make a shield against the flying sparks! Then it will be perfekt!


I run wire EDM machines and use sub programs quite often. We made fixtures for machining multiple parts one after another, and my predecessor used to program the fixture in one long string with the CAM software. 10 or more parts in one long program. Just program it once, move over, and run it again, boom! It's a whole lot easier to follow that way, and if you have only a few parts left to do (and you're not going to be around) you can VERY quickly stick in a stop so you don't waste wire machining thin air (water)

Jim Bim Bum

They should add a brightness knob so you can adjust it or have an auto brightness feature that can be turned on.

Angela Mills

Yew da man!! That’s gorgeous board, well done...

RQ -1136

fabi's gonna crush maggie on thursday!

Joseph Hernandez


Frank Vermeulen

Waaaw, awesome video. Very instructive. Even one of the most instructive video's I have seen yet. I also thank you for recommending a good book that helps you increase your positional strength. After having seen this video, you are clearly my favorite on chess-teaching YouTube-channels. If you know of more books that help in getting your positional understanding to a higher level, please let me know. I would be very thankful.

Pawel Was



Peal your carrots dude!

Christina Winterburn

This is not uncharted territory the Spanish flu was over a hundred years ago have our governments learned nothing? The bigger concern for our governments is the economy.

Matt Blomquist

Love this! Simple and perfect!!

Ken DeHaas

I don't think that most bench top drill presses are able to withstand lateral pressure on the quill. The bearings are not heavy enough nor is bearing mount for lateral pressure. This is why milling attachments don't work well.

Akuni chan

Kupa as kupal

Sunny McElrone

"If you have an idea that you genuinely think is good, don't let some idiot talk you out of it." -Stan Lee

Verbal Kint

I embodied it, i'm talking Aquaman fish scale!!!!!!!!!that was so hard