Wow very awesome!I just LOVE watching Mamedyarov play, he honestly doesn't win that often, but when he does it's always exciting.Whoever edited this sucks.No Credit, Bankruptcy, 2 kids 1 more on the way, seems like every so often I hit that low point.

He moved his left shoulder

He moved his left shoulder

White will lose it's queen though but still no checkmate any time soon.My problem is not sure how to attach the bamboo handle to the bamboo shaft.Now they beg European Union to take them(to feed Germany may be).I would be interested in knowing more about quality and brand.Es una hermosura, completamente relajante.An easy win for white in the rook pawn vs rook endgame.Preparing the development of your bishop is indeed a developing move.Nakamura could have had a mate in two at 2:29 if he would have taken the pawn with the bishop.

5:17 at the Philippines the pogs (idk how

5:17 at the Philippines the pogs (idk how

And after black moves his e3 bishop, yes he is up a piece but White can then capture the hanging e3 pawn and be up 2 pawns and still fighting!For every extra dimension, we can stick two of these extra "limbs" around pieces A and B.Including the 3 guys up on the deck on the right?Bro, how many hours we are talking about :D.I feel like I now, somehow, know less about circles.However my woodworking professional suggested pocket drilling screws.Why not capture with king.

I wonder one thing, I ordered the Katz-Moses Guide and I only have a Ryoba saw, which side should I use ?I love your videos!I want to use PVA as a support material.Why not Qb4 instead of Qe6?Minecraft was not made to hold 1500 playersThats why it crashed.Why not trade queens at the beginning.Anybody know what the best online chess app is for Android?

The mirror polished result is so stunning!For those of you who found it Congratulations, you are an excellent magnus.Jealousy is a BITCH!Its happen only in abroad not in india.I liked the chess match too.13:30 me, right before I get mates, like everytime.Tuyt vi qu bn i.

Lili Dubois

amazing lecture....I learn so much from watching Yasser Seirawan's videos. Thank you so much!

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So no own can always be down to earth

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Well done.


Awesome vid Moe!....Greetings from Canada...Keep em comin guys...

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I have made a similar stove out of a 10 can a brick and a coat hanger.The fire will start better with a half sheet of newsprint.

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Such a brutal attacking game wow that was sad

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suren your video getting lesser views noW a days why?


Dr. Grime, would you be my mathematician?

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do you sell this..how much it will cost to me ?

Andy Taylor

Fond memories! Very nice work! I had use of a great in/out disc mic that I measured ID length with when it was =/> 0.005" tol. up to 30". The disc itself was very thin. It was an old German design. Can't remember the mfg. All in good fun though. A big scale vernier works just fine for me too.

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Always simple, balanced and wise. Splendid champion Anatoli Karpov.

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The first one is 8 in the thumbnail

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This is my hometown

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Fabulous video, well done. I’m now fully confident that this job is far easier and less time consuming if someone else does it.

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Wow!Super cool

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Yrr mikhail tal hammesha attacking khelta hai har game me sac yrr itna attacking to mai bhi nahi khelta

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not sure why but among all the people on YouTube you're the one i look up to. hope one day i'll reach the same level as you.

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