Jim Cramer: Stocks of companies with new access to China are worth buying into weakness

It did not say anything.11:06 gotta appreciate the axe toss too.Man you move fast, I will make one this weekend.This AI seems to combine a humanlike understanding of the game with the brutal calculation preciseness of a computer, as such, its games not only look pitch perfect, but also creative.

Thanks so much

Thanks so much

Thank God at nagbago na sya ng lumaki na kami."I said, "They do if they think they can win with it.It's absorbed and re-emitted.Anand tricked him."lmfao i love this dude xD.All these precise engineering design production for one lighter?The mother was the initial NUT JOB.Glad to see recommendations on references or papers here.I'd be lying if i said i understood this video completely.Great job so far.

Taki main agle baar

Taki main agle baar

It's purely biological behavior for monkey dominance.Because you have to somehow overcome that momentum.In practical everyday life, this doesn't matter.Wow Jimmy that big shop got full quick.This made the finish more manly and wholesome and keeps the original edge instead of giving it a wobbly extra fine one.

Liked and subscribed.

Liked and subscribed.

Of course, in the end I still checkmate!Then how to win the game?Amazing explanation and your choice is great.I remeber chess on tv and how the pieces on the display board moved like a ghost was moving them.Felicitaciones amigo.That ending scared me.I'm in Irelandand like you guys everything here are phillips heads and even flat head which are a joke.It's old but still works like a charm.

Did you just call mea nigger bro?

Did you just call mea nigger bro?

He looks like the archetypal jew.Can't smash the like button fast enough!As a matter of fact, 'sovaco' is a vulgar term for the armpit.Wonderful analysis of one artificial mind, cant wait to hear your analysis of a Human mind.Everyone has their limits and Trump knows he's got to beat them at their own game.Great vid as usual thanks TOT.Dubov boast, theory and theory and theory.Great commentary.Most important Question, why is it recommended in 2020?What is you making?

Saraswathi. sandineni.

Great game sir.Thankyou.

watching the stars

Never heard of him.Thank you from Montreal

Frank Neulichedl

So funny --- We actually got the V2000 system at home when I was a kid when it was cleard out in the stores - at half the price of the VHS but with better technology my dad (an electronic egineer) was sold on the system - they didn't tell us it was discontinued. It was actually the front loading type you show off in the brochure (or very similar)It was hard to get a lot of cassettes at the time but I still felt superior as I had many many features my friends didn't have (stop motion, long play, and mostly better video quality as I recall):We actually had 2 machines, and we sold the one (or both I don't remember) to a shabby Hotel who used it as in room entertainment and had quite a few tapes (mostly porn) for his guests.

Nitin Patil

7:04 i thought???

David Urdahl

Wait, your still doing your own videos? Lol jk awesome stuff man. Happy holidays.

Cue ball

What's interesting, is how everyone is like, "THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!", which it is, but they don't realize how possible it is for this to happen, and how accurate the breakdown of the fragile infrastructure we have is. Just sayin

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I do not have enough thumbs ups for perfect use of The Touch