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I thought I would give you a rating for this project and for some reason a one-star rating seems appropriate.Very instructive."meh, I know you inside out better than you know me, ezpz".

Ang galing talaga in ate bella.5:25 crazy aarons thinking putty my name is aaron.So they sell chips as "parts"?19, how about bishop c3.That's why your camera was blurry, there was a spirit by you.Wow, I absolutely LOVE this!2:03:04 you're welcome.

I have premium but don't think that matters.You know what you do!Because akagi and kaga look fucking fat.Wow, I love this game!It's the other half that blow me away.The animation looks as though you have an equilateral triangle rotating in 3D with the Euler line is normal to the plane of the training.Apparently she's a he!I'm pretty weak at mathematics and this was simple and amazing, really helping a lot for my GRE preparation.Hpp: No such file or directory.

Hey Matt just wondering what aluminum you used for the light with the 10w leds I would like to make one just curious how you cut it out and bent it like that as well.They wanted the anc,now they blame it on them,fucking telling people that you stabbed and killed and blaming it on what you all wanted,the man admits to killing and now he is some sort of hero.Imagine being the printer operator: "did someone really just print 3 volumes worth of random numbers?(Sold online)I think your potion is awesome!Loved it but a little more instruction would have been nice.

LOVE the handles.

LOVE the handles.

3:55 And it was in this position that he fired me.Obtained it Rochester chess center, NYI believe the originals came in two versions, black and brown, then the more attractive colored versions come in green, and I've also seen blue.Rg1, then Qxa3, and finally Ra1 checkmate.5 YEARS AFTER ITS RELESED.Answer to the chess puzzle:Pawn to g5.Can I just point out that what Krishna said was also preached by the buddha.Muchas gracias estaba buscando por todos lados una imagen para las piezas.The commentator does not know chess hahaha!



3:55 And it was in this position that he fired me.You won the first game in my eyes.15:45 Made me spit tea.Also, the "umkerwalz" or reflector rotor.Thank you small dick!

Could someone explain then how the other

Could someone explain then how the other

Very instructive!What's the point of blurrying your face and then show a very detailed cast of your face, followed by a photo of your face?Still believes it all happened via a series of random mutations.Why do you keep going back that place is evil.Vegan version of this please.Excelent woodpusher!Where do you buy black melamine?Carlsen is a great player.

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Why not qh4 after f4? Cant take the bishop cause white is threatening mate on h7

Regz Zuse

Daily dose of Internet is using "Hello everyone" opening line also.

Zach Seaman

State can also be thought of as a database. The data in the state has different types. When state changes, your UI updates.

Dennis GasparZ

Being a huge Queen fan since the first album in 1973 it's really great to see Brian so down to earth and humble after all these years.


As so many of your videos, this is absolute gold

Thomas DiPrima

This is why most people give up on math.......such a long, boring and ignorant proof.....just go to your table of tangents and get it over with.

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Can anybody show me where the video that Alireza lost in tournament?versus Carlsen is actually winning for Alireza...complete winning.Carlsen just lucky...so if the best in the world got crushed so who can beat Alireza?

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I had a game like this today. Black played a move, and i resigned. Bad hair day

masum mollik

where is the next video of circular permutation????

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Mr MaNuSia

I like your fence system, simple but working good, thanks for detail