Japanese Pie, A Great Make Ahead Pie for Thanksgiving

5:40 His face 100% POWER!Wouldn't the opposite of everything be nothing aka zero?WONDERFUL JOB MATE!I like the drill bit method.What is the name of the game ?Keep em rollin Rex.Oops hello everyone!And Fischer knows what's coming too", awesome comment, thanks for sharing that game!

What if you are african.

What if you are african.

His second wife wonders why I'm "First.Either refers to one or the other, each can refer to both sides.Hmm so are there infinitely many distinct transcendental numbers or are they limited to just e and pi?I really enjoyed that one also.46:25 Bc7 instead of castling looks like it wins a knight strangely enough.

What a beautiful attack.Stop doing haunted type videos.I have dragged the main camera onto the canvas.Couldyou have edited it down a little.I feel like powering on older electronics without checking the insides is bad practice.(My Mac goes queen to F6, and beats the Evans gambit no problem.Sir gmail id ka pasword bhul gye is ka karen mera certificates download mhi ho raha hai plzzzzz help me.The point is only that in a 1min game which to me is more kung-fu rather than anything else, coming up with such a move is indeed great performance!P b nu :))) vi c ad.You guys are magicians!

Will rocket fly in vacuum sir.

Will rocket fly in vacuum sir.

Awesome thanks man.I've custom made numerous game boards and game pieces.If these guys were hearing what games i play means they wouldn't have any idea most probably.Difference between people playing chess masterly because of intellect and training and a natural I guess.I have the same yellow pillow as agad.Bear skins and knives my ass you've got a garage of tools.I respect this GUY Igsaan.Eevanchuk - this might help you to pronounce his surname correctly.Love how you depicted the Devil here.

NooB GameR

12:05 winning kaise hai?

B Buccaneer

Oh my!What a beautiful job!

- Mitch

Christ -- there are so many clamps in-frame at one point, my teeth started to hurt. It was like a subconscious reminder of the palate expander I had as a kid before I got braces. This was awesome -- gonna have to go get some aspirin.

Zandra Zamora

Joritz sa kapamilya gold please..


The final table looks really impressive and beautiful! The crayons are so colorful.It seems really unsafe how you handle your work environment though, you should just move the trash can closer to you when you're working there. And you keep leaving the saw on while unattended.

Zina zina

Suuupermomkine tarjama belarabia


One of the best of your videos

Trayan Hristov

38:41 "And that, right there, is checkmate" sounds like the end of a good story.

Just About Random Stuff Podcast

What piece is Tom playing? Sounds pretty good.


The narrator says Mike run out of time so it ended in a draw? Either a draw (three connected pawns?) or did they agree to a draw?

ram prasad

Bro you had a chance of tieing in the game but you gave up If the opponent gets the queen it don't mean that you will give up


This looks really cool.


As someone who is a weekend woodworker this is the best video I've seen on this topic by far. I keep going back and forth on spending the money for a sawstop (really want the safety feature so its the only choice for me) or getting something like Kreg system and having money left over for a bandsaw, jointer and planer its a hard choice.

Sir Nickels

Wish NBC would hire Marty


3:17 Harry's first ever Quidditch match!

Jason Hawkins

How do you Log in as root user please


I saw the move at 43:00 instantly, does that make me a grandmaster?

Nathan Webb

You know some shits fucked up when you decide to move to Mexico for protection

Joe Dorben

Pretty sure that winning endgame that you spent fucking forever analyzing is actually a known winning endgame.

sandip khatri

It was a final like a final... Awesome. Can't blink an eye for a moment. Congratulations Ronnie.. Well played Liang.

King J

i see a pattern the husband almost always have a head injury of some sort ... hmm

Kharisma main catur

Thanks a lot jerry, I can really enjoy playing chess because of you, Jerry always share about fun, happy, smilling and positive energy in chess game Go jerry go !!!