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Enjoy  :Dhehehehehe.Bishop from c4 takes queen.Is this stockfish 10?

No wonder he quit.Does anyone know what software they use where they can set up a position and press reference and it brings up games that had the same position?And, what do you do with the waste?At 1:10 why wouldnt you go N-C7 to fork the king and rook?It's time to start spewing out more inflammatory rhetoric to get free press time like last time.Thank you for these interesting videos.Srinivasan malayalam latest movies.Question 1- Entirely inconclusive.He always loosing her powers.

Dave,Beachmere, Brisbane, Australia.

Dave,Beachmere, Brisbane, Australia.

You should learn the notation first,then make a video.Bulllllllshit, the first 3D-printed shoes are the recreus sneaker and where already around in 2014.U see all comments.Check it carefully but the Black king must not take the pawn neither must the bishop they have to let it go and mate the white king with Bishop, pawn and the king who guards the h-pawn on g3.I didn't see it at first, and thought of how math can be applied to help find a solution.This definitely takes me out of the brick and mortar thought process I was letting myself get in to.

More Tal games please.

More Tal games please.

It(s like a drama music a movie drama music.How can there be biggest prime number if one of the theorems in number theory say there is infinite number of primes.In the end you did an amazing job!TRAZAN BOY at the end!Yoo thoo maa boiii.

Green every time.The possibilities in a single game of chess is greater than the number of atoms in the universe.This was so bad ngl."Welcome to forktown usa, population: you" hikki just keeps getting funnier.Please make a store so i could buy one.Too fast Got a headache.

Banele Innocent

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Simply Titanium

I love how much Eugene loves the kids He says he doesn’t like kidsBut he does


Piano Jazz gtfo

ZSlice Gaming

5:02 when your science teacher plays mlbb


Amazing speed

Money Mills

Let someone else have all the fun AND pay them to do it. For everyone out there doing lots of wood work but not wanting to spring for a jointer, planer or bandsaw I would think twice. Obviously buy what you can afford. But they do have table top models of these from not as common name brands and as long as they last you a few years with they should then I think it’s worth it. Especially if you’re trying to build a lot and sell what you build. The cost savings between rough lumber and buying a board with final dimensions helps when buying wood every time. Then over time those tools pay for themselves

Victor Viridian

Watching this just reminds me how terrible I am at chess...