I Play Against Chess Titans Level 10 Computer

(9,99$ for those wondering).You should postpics of just wood and let the people pickbuy the wood with custom color(s).I've been watching ur videos for a while now.This is typical of amateur tournament organizers.85 m², 2 Bedroom apartment in Vila Verde, Portugal - 69,500.Bear with me now.

I like to play

I like to play

This just made me wonder how many kids in my school are gonna become serial killers.Just not sure about stayingcurvy.Just put a glass plate over the entire table, boom - done it’s still awesome work you doneand very unique.7 Trillion Dollars For Wars That Turned Middle East In An Even Greater Threat.He is a sore loser saw his match with a kid.You are funny, $3.Elimination of possibilities.I'm German, what is a screw?That doll on the far right.

38:46 maybe it was mentioned but Kxc5 tricky fork?Do I need to do something about that?This has got to be pretty embarrassing for agadmator.The blindfold game though.Take a shot every time he says "you guys".Watching your videos.$400 is pretty darn cheap.9:33 music name?

May increment sa clock kaya

May increment sa clock kaya

The tests seems broken for players at that caliber as they don’t debate the answers, they just tell you which one is correct.Probably a bunch of giggling 13-year-olds who think it means "condom.I discovered my plate on my saw was not true to blade.Bravo, what a game.I'll NEVER vote Biden, pretty sure I'm not alone on the left.Isn’t he dodging the hard questions and what a comment trouble is coming but I say buy stocks.Spray mould releaser before pouring the resin.I hope this isn't where you live because the place across the street really gives away your address.Im no mr fix it, but that was a good video.


Every competition on this channel ever: Eugene saying he will/wants to lose, then winning

Daan w

95% webcam jokes in comments. I like it.

ram prasad

You should play with an opponent but you are playing it yourself and every opponent knows these tricks So please try to keep something good If you don't understand the meaning something good i mean you need to play with other players



Dan S

But what if I’m unlucky and get a 4% chance and lose?


Was this a blitz game? White's last move seems like a huge blunder for a gm

Panda Magnum

Can someone explain 1:05 ?

Max Kuftinec

That picture of Edison looks like you Agadmator.


So it's /- infinity?I mean we say for the square roots of numbers they have two answers do why not dividing by zero

Black Goku

Can someone explain to me what happened at the last part?


RELGIOUSdevotion is right not godly devotion.

Rohan Raj

He lost r 1800 because he gained 200 and lost 1000 to next shop keeperand lost 800 to lady and bag money 200 was balanced with gained 200

Maciel Miguel

O loco !!!!!!


Iddoke kandh Dileepettane verrukaan pacchula

Azar Axar

chali chaliyeee


Microsoft bought out the rights to Minecraft...was thinking of buying it, but now I'll just make it myself with a little bit of C and OpenGL!

Valdinei Batista

Hello how are you? I wonder if it's possible that you make one of his works and send for me in Brazil . I would like to perpetuate the coat of my family in a frame such that you make .if possible please send figures and details on the following e- mail: valdineibatista2008hotmail.comthanks in advance.

Kathy Candelaria

Absolutely Beautiful. Your work is awesome.five stars. Beautiful

lavatis gang lit wilson

I saw some white

Chris Gunn

I bet it destroys a modern Gibson LP in tone. Looks better too. Any thoughts of doing a flying V? I think that’d be pretty sweet to make a reclaimed V with block inlays?


Omgeeee goals! I’ve gotten so many ideas from this, thank you

Sarp akc

great series and channel bro

Moon Unity

This is a good job. Please continue your work ! Thank you very much !

Sandeep S

Bach sped up sounds good. Also the code. ()