Intro to Chemistry, Basic Concepts - Periodic Table, Elements, Metric System & Unit Conversion

The day this man looses a finger the Internet will cry.The dice is supposed to go the opposite way during the spin for roulette.5:48 He was lying to Picard.If my girlfriend saw me take on a project like this and spend the time you did, I would be a single man.

Your videos help!Btw which app are you using for monitoring Nvidia GPU temperature?Not a soul:Smack: Nah mean, at the end of the day!Jonathan liandi savage 10x.Bh4 is winning, because if h6 than you get Nf3,h7, Ne5 and Kg7.Has stock fish ever won a single game?I feel so bad for John.Than the scraper dull.In other words I feel like you're really human.

But can you show how to calculate the time it takes for those balls to collide in space?2:45 three of them are missing chef hats.What am I missing?Would be nice if you would explain what you are doing and why.1TTT, 2MTT, 3BTT, 4TMT, 5 MMT, 6BMT, 7TBT, 8MBT, 9BBT, 10TTM as in the demo, 11MTM, 12BTM, 13TMM, 14MMM, 15BMM, 16TBM, 17MBM, 18BBM, 19TTB, 20MTB, 21BTB, 22TMB, 23MMB, 24BMB, 25TBB, 26MBB, 27BBB.

I can't figure out what Americans are so scared about, the minute you mention a more just society some scream COMMIE at me.Your database has more than 2300 games?Please, somebody tell me: what is the song called during Ollivander gives the right wond to Harry?46:15 no idea a grand master could be so ignorant.Gold is so over-rated.$500 is like max for a non-gaming machine and even that's pushing it.Pepe Cuenca al aparato.I am hooked now and I really need to make one of these.

TC needs more inventors talking from their photographs.EDIT:I made a quick demo: I click on a child, I would expect, that the mouseover event listener gets triggered and logs the child id.So interesting to see Carlsen's "intuitive" approach in very vivid detail.I miss the wizarding world at universal studios hollywood i keep asking my parents to go back.) wiht 60 of your most memorable games?I wonder what Saga we’re doing next.BELSSIMO COMENTRIO (PERFECT) MESTRE.This is so fucking cool.Seriously it was 10x better than Star Trek 5!

I'm looking to build a "real" work bench now that I know a little better than I did when I first started.At 7:10 black moves into check.Is that a picture of Dubov or a picture of him from the 15th century?After you opened box I saw orbes.Have all GMs in the top 50 spots do this chess personality test!Bang gerakan kedua pas lindungi pion kan kenak empasant.A COUPLE OF PEOPLE SAID, "HUH OH PAUL, LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE A TOUGH SITUATION".

Viktor Namestnikov

wow! .good job!


The little (brass?) screw inserted to allow the lighter to stand, should have been left off. Even thought it's not, it looks like a way to add fuel to the lighter.


Really bad taste in music

Health Is Wealth




Monisha Shekar

Please please write the name ANUSHA please

Bananasaurus Rex

TheSammypickleEach player gets 25 minutes on their clock. If either player runs out of time, they lose the match.

Lake Boy

Absolutely amazing...


when that 28:04 hit my heart awoke from a seven-year SLUMBER!!!!


Excellent video as always...would like to see more uploads more your stuff and that hex honeycomb pattern is awesome, I might use that style for a project myself.

Erwin Pedragorda

Down load ko ya to at hnd ko buburahin Ang ganda kc


Skip gotta chill with these narratives and throwing them out into the ethos

Michael Rafael

Better than Susan Polgar...GM Anna Rudolf!

crazzi-j north

He had a very high opinion of himself his books were poorly written and miss spelled

Joo Paulo Oliveira Kaluf

I miss the old workshop... Still, always amazing work, damn you Jimmy - keep rocking!

Gigi Mc. Feegee Gacha

Now I know where the Jumanji board came from!!!!! 0

Philip Wolf

DuDE!!Your Jr.High School Shop Class Teacher didn't scare you enough about using a table saw.Ya DON'T use your hand to push the wood beyond the spinning blades!!

Andrew Madden

It is hard to dispute the brilliance of Mark Knopfler. Not one piece disappoints. This is now my favourite song

Dat Teapot

So many great ideas.

Geoffrey Kail

You had me thinkinguntil you went to the CNC. Very beautiful work. Thanks for filming/reording the project.

shaikh shahina

Ma'am please make video on theorem of geometric mean

yash bhati

mikhail is tall rest all are short in front of him. he played real chess others are only trying.

Lt. Meowser

Toight like a Tiger

Patty Butkovic

At 17:05 theres this heavy breathing and its not moe sargi


lol. You don't get it, moron. Of course White is winning, but acting like Black is just wasting moves is completely retarded at best there are clear threats Black is posing, by neglecting that, the commentator shows himself to be a shallow pied piper.