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Game ten gi vay anh.Who cares about this rook?Have never seen the mechanics of this put so clearly :).The saw is ALWAYS working and the store isnt a disaster scene!The Barbara woman doesn’t sound believable at all.If you want to know the song, you can also use "shazam", an free app that I used to identify some of these songs lol.

Nothing better than carlsen being thrashed by good ol' rebecca harris.It's on Etsy for $3500, so save your pennies.Castling is the best move.Man now I know what the codeing means after learning.Now my opponent KNOWS!Ive seen phones with model I-C.

Even with science.8:05 is a jump scare.4:19 That laugh is priceless.I worry that you might get injured due to kick back.I Hunt Killers anybody?Smol chess you have there.

USA and Russia can't defeat these peoplecountries but a guy on a horse can.Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.Thanks so much for sucking me into a Saturday morning starting off an hour late!But the white bishop was locked in?Why would the oil just suddenly dry up on day 3?60,000 people hurt themselves, every 9 minutes someone hurts themselves on a "table saw"Some so called professionals that are careless, some that think they are professional, some that have some experience, and some that don't have any experience.Pero hnd hadlang ang kahirapan para mkapagtapos.You had an apple.Only 6 months and you grew up by like 600k subs, whoa.

1" at 1:49:19 hosed it all up!Doesnt seem fair 2 against 1.To fuck with a child u should be hung.Best result is to wall mount.I am speechless and shocked.Rex, what paper are you using for the Grinding?Davidsmffei I just realized I already made this comment.


you're the best Jerry

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What if opponent has brain

Farid Es Salhi

Chess history you are the best Antonio . Definitely the best you tube channel

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Job well done I like it.


That will be one stable bowl...probably no cracks or checks


Morphy was only 20 when he started his career as a profesional chess player and when he played this game,by the way his whole chess career only lasted 2 years.


He let her win. Smart man


Great job

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Hi scrivvy!

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I'm crying too man and for my past too

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Looks great! Nice job

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