In The Still Of The Night (1945) - Allan Jones

But your definition of fun’ may vary.I find it funny that the Bishop looks like Hitman 47.Great game, thank you!I attempted to buy from a friend in '90 a taywanese made Zenith Transoceanic I don't remember the model was, it is in a mint condition, only needed to apply some contact cleaner at swiches and pots.Thanksand yes- I would (wood) make it.Hahaha yeah why did you not wait for the 2nd game result.Revenge of the nerds gets ugly.

I get more pleasure doing this stuff by hand with tools.It would have been simpler if you had created a cut in another way.Thanks for this tip.Happy Birthday to Chess legend Vishy Anand.Unless he kept playing a lot and studying in his free time, his strength had probably deteriorated from Master in Expert.Modern chess is much more boring, people are becoming engines.Couldn't this potentially be broken with exclavesenclaves?Pretty spendy and carbon would be more durable I think.

Flash string flash paper flash

Flash string flash paper flash

There’s a bridge in Hattiesburg Mississippi called burnt bridge road.Absolutely fantastic.Only for engine games of course.Are you talking about Blunder or the Spaghetti?Hi moe the t on the wall was there last time but when you went upstairs the letter o appeard.Great job mess and all, thanks for sharing!I am going to make a sharpening jig for them this weekend.It always feels so good to intuitively see something winning that the masters don't.Can someone explain why the position of the pieces are different?

God bless you my

God bless you my

Gua masi nunggu video lo bikin podcast sama arief muhammad bang ahaha.Man imagine having an idea and getting right to work on it.APM aside (which shouldn't be a problem for AI), Starcraft strategy is actually more complex.Experience except select nhebg sound sound rent.Or maybe from scratch (I don't know if this is feasible).Gelak tk ikhlas.Turns out it's not.It failed to explain the cord shape position relationships.Helps remind the rest of us that even the pros are still trying to refine their skills.Stopped watching after roblox.

11:02 - Kramnik wishes in Vishy's mother tongue - Tamil - Good afternoon and Happy B'day Cute.Should've gone clickbait.75m, which is comparable with the distance between your speakers.I learned it, I luh-.Very entertaining!With the idea to move it again after that on d6 capturing the pawn and attacking the two roocks.Kasparov with white pieces, white chair, white suit.Ruy Lopez is vicious.This is tooooooooo goooooood.

Bro your a charater thats funny rararrr i love chess and have an account on li chess.Or something on my end?Some good quality time with your kiddo's.100 elo rating diff meaning so much.All it takes is one example, public castration or something on that level for something petty and I could almost promise you crime would lower greatly.That opening at question 15 tho.And when we need the magic or the magic school.This mix sent my dog to sleep.

Odee Dillon

13:28 I was about to say that half way through the video

dubs views

Jaaaay blac.. I said yoooo. We gotta talk about how bad champion predictions r

Nabeel Khan

After a long time we heard the word "Dubious" by Suren


Wow, one of the best Magnus games I have seen.


Bidoof carried so hard lol

It Prank

Imagine to your self before alot of years this house was totally normal

Andres Martinez

Can't move along the X axis. I can jump and my sprite will rotate when I press A or D, but it won't move forward or backwards. WHY?


Im pretty sure if i tried this speed I would have a large square chunk of wood sticking out of the side of my head.

NBA America


I love those Carlsen Thumbnails :D

Celestial Nefthalie

I would hide cameras all over because you can see who have been making noises also you can see what is happening with the walls

michael govers

You rebel you, keep up the good work and thank you for swinging education my way :)

Senior Patzer

How to beat amateur players:be rated 1000 points better

Christian Collins

Excellent video - thank-you!

Yoshikage Kira

Um chief that Chinese game isn't Go.

Anthony Anchec

Your commentary and chess understanding are very amateur. You do not understand chess well enough you run this thing. It is very bad for youngsters who watch your videos.