Intervista tripla: Audero, Meret, Montipò - Euro U21

(Capablanka)If you want to learn chess, start with endgame.I don't care if it loses.Yu stupider but me not.It was difficult.Great game and EXCELLENT commentary!

Can i add some milk in cake better?I enjoy when someone gets theirs." and then 40 mn of analysis, LOL !We have the expression (((((x-1)(45)-1)(45)-1)(45)-1)(45)-1)(45)5y.So now you can make all of these you want, using this to to make more machines build time in half.This is like the game I had with my fried,King was from g1 to a8 not even in the end game yet.Funny enouph evaluation drops later and white has at far as i can see only one move, this is like alpha vs stockfish, why the opponent didnt play g5, just dont understand this, because even i can see the logic behind it, so the game is not well played from both, i know carlsen can do better.It's so beautiful.

I have a

I have a

APPRECIATE YOUR EXPLANATION ON MOVES.I think the 1dimension, 2 dimensions and 4th, 5th, 6th.Very anti-climatic.Is it me or he says Tryna instead of China at 4:47 ?I hate chess cuz its about studying nowdays and not about how smart u are.Practically 1 not charged and 1 charged batteries can light up a torch.

What an AWESOME video lesson!

What an AWESOME video lesson!

I wish you can learn more and see our other culture and traditions other than what's shown here.The only loss was against Robert Huebner in 1972.Looks like an alpha zero sacrifice.Watch this video plz.Hi Robbie,Question1:At time: 7:11, you analize White's e4 and d4 complexes and choose to attack the d4 complex.Oh no, I would've made this years ago, but you made it first.He plays to not be beaten and wins with time.I dk but i like getting bbc from the other side of the wall.

So when you think of bad, you think of killers, rapists, thieves right?11:00 most epic moment.What was so special about the check mate?Let me know if you have a place where I can go and see the selections of rings that you have created that would be available to purchase from you.I would have used any straight edge or chalk line to rough cut plywood down to a manageable size.I want to buy a cabinet table saw but IAM in VietNam.

Among pangalan Ng ANAK lalake nila.I love the way you laid the wood.I got suspicious too when she plugged dat lipbalm into her ear.In move 10, why didn't Anand play Bxc3?24:00 I felt like I am watching interstellar movie where they try to connect two spaceships in space.

charles billings

Great work just saying next time do different styles on each side if possible show more with out the repeats but that’s fancy

Swankity Dankity

I love your videos! I was taking a break from my homework to have my dinner and what do I see but a new video from you to watch while eating! You cover the game thoroughly and make it very fun to watch. Thanks

Graham Larry Klink

Beautiful man beautiful from South Africa

Vikram Srinivasan

Queen sacrifice was a honour

Raghuveer Singh

Bobby Fisher is in our hearts

Baby TschaTschu

Biggest plot twist...

Septus BS

HOPEFULLY MY friend who just learned chess dosn't know about this

Jonathan Hartley

Great lecture. Your videos are greatly appreciated.

Sathiya Jeba

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Andrew Raj

Play store la intha app Ella bro . Intha name la vera app tha varuthu . Link paste pannunga bro

Jamey Nel

hey this movie tells me alot

Mario Salvaggio

I really would have liked bd7 on move 47 instead of be2. Anyone else see this?

k pandey org

I think you are super chief of cake. Coz mujhe cake banana bahut hi difficult lagta that and uske ingredientske tam jham lana sab so boring..but yeah sare ingridentssabhi ke ghar mein hotel hai so was you are super..


Your boards are beautiful. What thickness were your walnut boards planed to? What thickness were your cherry strips cut to?


There was 2 chances for Golan to take dada s queen .but he didn't done it .lol ,Golan won the game

Mario Henrique Viana

ChessNetwork Like your chess and your sense of humor! Keep cooking, man! Thanks for the videos!

elijah Xbib

Can someone please explain to me why at 48:08 Knight to G3 picking up a rook wasnt the best idea?

Chito Ruvalcaba

Why did everyone back then had beautiful cheek bone that’s unfair

andrew clough

please dont use that joint..... its so so so ugly. just use dovetail for christ sake.

sidharth cs

Mic was awesome

Mark Shueard

Sometimes in a time game i get rushed and can't work it out but when i have the time, it's easy

Hoony K.

i like the commentary.. nice videos mate


plays hyperaccelerated dragon in sicilian defense