International FIDE-rated chess tournament Continues at Nellore

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You deserve 70 million, but 70K isn’t bad.

You deserve 70 million, but 70K isn’t bad.

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How to add image in it

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At this age i was thinking who is the mother of Daya babhi

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Could you give me a detailed drawing of this item?


Hey scientist , easy for first move is 20 x 20 moves. Can you prove or simply just write here that "30 possible moves " ?

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Caitlyn Jones Feb 17 2020 6:01pm

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Very nice sir.. The explanation part is good....keep it up

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Masarap mamuhay ng simple kasama ng mga tunay at mapag mahal na mga magulang..masakit tlg ang dulot nito sa isang anakkinimkim pro dapat magpatawaran dhl un ang dapat.Godbless po.