Intercompany Settlement Meets Blockchain

This is wonderfull.Go downgo down againdo you want calculator codes in html,css,javascriptdo you want down againfew moments later.Each application divided across multiple places instead of being in one place to be easily removed if necessary.Also: what a looooong name!

Man I love this analysis.

Man I love this analysis.

The piss bottle gets me every time.This was the worst star Trek TNG movies other than Nemesis.I want to go make a game now. Since you can't move your own piece into check, being in a position where any move will results in a stalemate.0:25 funny and true.Fun Fact: During the Second World War, members of the Dutch resistance asked how to pronounce Scheveningen before disclosing any information in order to weed out the foreign spies!So only 4 real doctors and a fake.It’s not racist to point out facts.

Traiding the Queens seemed to

Traiding the Queens seemed to

M having hard time baking cake in my convection microwave Shall i switch over to OTG or can i do sumthng in convection microwave so tht i get evenly baked cake?Is this something only found in Croatia?I know I’m just one guy, but if the Dems steal the nomination from Bernie then I’m either not voting, or voting Trump just to accelerate this shit show to end in a guaranteed four years rather than a potential eight year continuance of the status quo.Can we hang out for a weekend?Maybe just quit."Graveyard grass made sweeter milk" Me: sure, the grave is indeed very vertile because of the decomposing bodies, but is vertile plant really affect the milk?

I would never have thought the last shot genius.The small hands wiping the glue was Hilarious!Never giving up and winning because of determination.Keep up the good work.Natron und Backpulver.At exactly 5:51 of this video if I was d one playing whites den I will go for Queen a7( check ) nd next step I will get black rook by moving Queen to c5 which is in favour of whites.2000000000 days.Please, not just for your safety and health, but also for your family's as well.Me: drops one piece of bread on the ground infront of birdsBirds: 1:32.

Ndoki Hasaki

"What is the center of a triangle?"The point at which it balances when laid down horizontally./thread.

Prativa Dash

Nice game


Hello, what is about the heat dissipation of the LED ? any poblem or color change ? or does it not have to light too more time e.g. not longer than 30 min ?

Espresso Bliss

Wow wow WOW this is so awesome! Every thing about this was amazing the little smoke cloud, the ashes, the way it looks with the light on perfect!!

Swaikat Kazi

I like that Stormbreaker of your's

vic ferg

Great video!


listening to this while doing psychology homework makes it so much better :)

gacoss lub

21:09 b5 would've been nastyyyy

Michelle Stout

I seen a fish in the water