Install Solitaire, Minesweeper and other Windows 7 Games in Windows 10 - October 2015 Update

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ComFacebook: thanks for your time!

ComFacebook: thanks for your time!

Great commentary as usual.Sorry about that.Creative use of the acrylic.I subscribed to his channel not only for his excellent craftsman skills, but for the fact that he is NOT TALKING endlessly like so many other "craftsmen" even when making a simple box - he just goes on with his work, without insulting his viewers' intelligence with endless, pathetic "explanations"!Take the draw, regroup, and try a more aggressive opening as white in game 7.Theres no way you can crack a hard 95-100a TPU unless its not really TPU.

Keep the good job up and post more videos!Thrive live and these two wonderful people are life's gifts!Your explanation is very nice.They mustv been under lots of pressure.Force the trade of all your pieces that way you either last longer or even try for a draw.


is it that i am not drunk while watching or did the frikin chessboard changed to comic figures??xDidk since i discovered lichess custom boards i think these figures look silly

Sergio Simonin

Exelente saludos desde argentina




There's no way I'm laughing at this joke I'm too sophisticated....(laughs)....shit.


So, is that why Canola Oil is called what it is?

Mary E

Oy no boy died cam

Saber Abdelhadi



Occam's razor and the Bayes theorem?!

Benjamin Couture

never disappointing to watch these videos.I find your concepts and approaches very satifying

Lee Moore

I prefer a featherboard for inward pressure in a lot of cases, especially for ripping multiple boards that are the same size.



Bhuvaneswari Siva

thank you for this video!

Ondej Vitk

The state of the lamp will never reach two minutes. You can say it's state for 1,9 minutes or 1,9999 minutes or for any number of minutes you want. Not for two.

chickenugget1 boi

He could have checkmated him with the bishup


Mal is too damn old to be fucking with chics that are sneaker heads lol

Mihail Bobeica

The last time I unintentionally sacrificed two pawns in the opening I checkmate my opponent in 8 movesCapture too many pawns could be tricky


"Can you make a truly magical knights tour?" The king said."No, sire," replied the wizard.

Charlie Dalmasso

ha ha ! well done with the sponsor, first time I ever give a like for a smooth transition for the sponsor ! very nice lamp. make me want to take out the lathe and make something rounder !



Kosta Ilijev

Capablanca, a true genius, once said that the only chess genius he'd ever met and known was Sultan Khan. But once going for eight years of competetive play without a single loss--imagine that occurring today (!)--Capa himself could hardly be called modest!


Can you cover the Aronian - Grischuk match too? I didn't get to see it, but I heard he had a fabulous rook sacrifice.

Rene Bacalso Jr

Ang ganda nya

Malice in Underland

This is the same exact house that U, Omar, an Joe have been in!!! This is the Dybuuk box house... Omar had shit move on him an Joe had a knife thrown at him!!


Do you need 2 friends or 2 enemies?

Charles C

It may be just because you played it well but it seems to me that the hoard side is favored to win. I think I'd rather be the hoard.

andi osmani


Kermitda Thug


Chaitanya Mohan

great move in the end


Flippin 'eck!