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Magnus carlsen: rook of wall street.I am really so blessed I can now support my family with help of, just Google with-out spaces PaidHomeEasy.As of February 2020 he has 553k subscribers.I like how you talk through all your moves at such a fast pace with such good humor thrown in.

Change it buddy.Once dry they should be kept in an airtight box.Roll up your sleeves and do some analysis or stop posting these useless videos.

Very nice, I can see a

Very nice, I can see a

Can anyone explain mehow he won the match.So glad to see furniture restoration done correctly and not simply painted or given that ugly "shabby chic look.Why mention Greece it's not existed in that time.As a newbie to woodworking this was perfect for me.Love how you show how "real" your hauntings are in the title.ROO, ROO, ROO, ROO, ROO, ROO, ROOKK, mouse, to many blunders.I'm pretty sure "simple explanation" is the antithesis of "convoluted phrasing" yet, according to this video, they're both evidence of lying.And really help me to win many games.Vallaathoru movie aa manasin kulirma tharunna movie.

9:54 "four player chess is complicated.

9:54 "four player chess is complicated.

This is amazing!Then when you glue in the brass parts, before you clamp it up, rub the fine sawdust into all of the cracks around wherever the brass touches the wood.Wish you more more happiness.What a cunt of an accent!The big difference was he didn't have a big shop full of goodies like you have and not one power tool at all.When is eric hansen going to be qualified to play the speed chess championship, i can't wait.This is the same guy in the movie.Somehow that's the most disturbing part for me.Check Naka's reaction when Anand offers to exchange queens.Magnus talks a great deal about confidence and trusting your intuition, he says that he would’ve won the game against Kasparov if he was confident.

Why is it that if I start with calculating the arc length of each segment, I end up with a different circumference and area for the circle.The owner may be used to them, but I would not and that would be a serious disadvantage.Amazing game follow up.Thank you for sharing.I didn’t understand time control meaning.The cats will lounge there all the time.3:44 why not BF4?

Wonderful instruction.

Wonderful instruction.

Can't a loser just admit he lost to a better player?I was the Only Person I Knew that owned an 8 track recorder!Please add daily chess videos.RIP Eric's neighbors.LOL - $60 for a wood "gripper" - people that buy $5 coffees at Starbucks would go for that.Marc, the book link appears to be broken.Agad, can you show what might have happened if he checks with rook rather than exchanging bishops.I never seen this before.

Whats for dinner radiation.I may need to dig through some closets next time I visit my parents.A master and an apprentice.History is weirder than any fiction.7:26 the rook on c6 can recapture the pawn on f6 and although White is still better in this position black can still play for the win with the threat in c2.Sanders is the only one who truly cares about the American workers who are the backbone of our society.Probably worse than the COVID-19.But still completely winning.

He has a really punchable face.

He has a really punchable face.

I added dark grade A maple syrup, and it tastes delicious.Can someone explain me why didn't he take the knight at 1:44?Dyrrot is OP in physical dmge can one vs one anyone but his useless when get crowd controled because his too soft unlike any other heroes like oldus,chuo and more.Are you gonna show the game or what!Really didn't need to watch you make 16 holes.

Eeshan Khan

"Muslim" comes from "Musl" and "Iman".It translates to "Strong faith".Just saying.

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Scrap wood City

Cool project, another eaxample that a drill is one of the most important tools to have. I am starting to believe that nothing is impossible to make starting with a drill! 

Gary Ortolano

A true gentleman and competitor.Happy birthday,Vishy !


excellent comprehensive study.

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Islay Stevenson

I love this so much. You are so talented.

Josh Golden

This actually gold. I have a degree in computer science and am employed in the field, always wanted to know deeply about graphics. This puts all the math I have taken into a realistic perspective and im finding myself going OHHH, I can take integrals and use trig identities to play around with the actual physics. I want to generate running water and I now have a new respect for the heavy game programmers!! Such a sick course this is man. Appreciate your effort! Im also glad this was theory based and not coupled with a bunch of assumptions!

Frank McNally

Great work form a real professional and it's good to see it's from a UK workshop, I'm getting sick of hearing about "rabbits"

Punita Gandhi

Your this both players are noob


When is it too late to start chess to reach GM level ?

martin gonzalez

P.o.s i hope he gets killed in prison sick fuvk

Doug Vegan Paradise Builder

Keep these coming Simon! I need your lessons in order to escape the level where players need two queens to checkmate my lonely king after I made my usual blunder in blitz.