Super and thank you.I would display them like pieces or art.In 2nd question, Y u didn't considered arrangement of vowels ?When i here thousands is so scary.Suggestion Gareyev - Morozevich (0-1) Round 2.Nice, but end of the month, hate harikan.Thanks for that.3:07 en i Tgf5 th sao anh ?

Please get Ben to do

Please get Ben to do

Carlsen "I wouldn't claim to be an expert" hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.I can feel how hot it is in Australia rn just based on how sweaty they look Meanwhile here in Canada it is freezing while the sun is so bright it burns my couch potato eyeballs just stepping outside.You can make them because of guys like us!How can I buy one.Awesome, love the cutoff.This is from that strange time when we knew what the future would be like but didn't have the technology ready yet.Epoxy isn't friendly to some other gluesresins, when the air was taken out the other in the resin melted and flattened due to the vacuumheatcomposition, that was as well trying to take the air out of it.

What a weird option you use.

What a weird option you use.

Keep 'em coming, Mato!A draw for Kasparov against Woody Harrelson?Please have a look and let me know your feedback.It's about $500 more, but it's just more powerful, allows you to install the upgraded fence sawstop offers, and is just plain more versatile.The birds in the background tripped me out u thought it was like 6am but any way I have a ww1 lighter that I want restored.I am new to woodworking.The d5 pawn wouldnt be able to be captured 3:36.Your tickets before 4 weeks u will get.How can 4 dudes be so cringy and not funny.

34:10 The Rosen Gambit?

34:10 The Rosen Gambit?

This guy is a very descriptive narrator.Last thing i wanna listen to.Love from India.U r really best tutor.Also, does anyone know the link to Botez' half of this stream?Thank you Mato, very good analysis!Ask yourself:"Is AFlat on the sharp or flat side"?

But then I realized that he just misplaced

But then I realized that he just misplaced

Thanks for doing them.After Rd8, what about Nc7?Who else is here just because it has James Grime in it?Alice sees 18 trees.Learned something new about the endgame!I work in the building supply and hardware business and I say not only areyour videos informative but a easy for a newbie or training.At 15:17 no one noticed the dark shadow crawling across the bottom of the wall!Very simple king to h7.I just watched the bone cracking video again, and now I know that Miles has a titanium Shoulder.

Capablanca resigned !

Capablanca resigned !

This is like having chess Blue balls Please show a game of Evans gambit suggestion Jonny Hector v Antonssen is a masterpiece!Keep the skin thick and the technology moving forward please.Masyutin played horribly in this game.Superb idea make i just like that butterfly idea.Are Apple the only company that make a laptop that can actually stay on your lap without fear of blocking air vents?


The best way to beat the French Defense is to go through Belgium.

Dooger D Dog

Do you know how to tell when a democRAT is lying? WHEN THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING!

Victor Vincent

I like watching strong players crushimg those bad moves.

Jay Kepley

Nice teaching.Nice video. You've become one of my very favorite YouTube guys. Thanks for what you put into these videos.

Dado como morto

Kkkkkkk baianinho mundial.


I know how to use those and I am only Lincoln's age.

Mike Lab

Mind blown when I finally realized the pawn locked his king down in mate!


Prefer this to plastic anyway

Mr Teodor

Hei, love your content. Here's an idea - make arkenstone from the Hobbit.

gyanendra mohan


Real Thailand

Rabbits eat grass.Rebates are cut into a piece of wood to hold another piece of wood ...

Marek ajner

11:25 the laugh is is just so priceless

Claudiane Nogueira

Ol amigo amigo boa noite essa tbua vou ficou muito show


hundreds of people dying worldwide still some individuals thinking about business...

Munni Ahmed

Knight to f3

Kevin Chen5000

Dan: Am scared to do itLincoln: Yea you should be