I don’t know but this just makes me cry so much.And the chess pieces were really really cool, the Alice" things.It has the solution imaginary number.Kalok pion putih G2 yang maju gmana.

Thanks Eugene's Mom.Lmfaoo Ben kills me.I remember how happy i was when this song got out, cuz shakira and rihanna were my favorite artists at that time, that song was my life i swear.If he ate that rook with his rook maybe he had a chance.Labor-intensive but beautiful and artful.Please waste it on vehicles that might someday actually get enough of us far away from this beautiful jewel of a planet we have destroyed.

Why in 13:13 instead of playing Rxf6, anand

Why in 13:13 instead of playing Rxf6, anand

Pretty fascinating.At 8:19 why dont try mate in 2?I take your code run on my computer.Everything about that was excellent.Some say clamps have always been.Top choices were nailed.

Speaking of, can you do a review

Speaking of, can you do a review

23:58 there a circle look close.I did it where's my prize.So I have inherited quite a lot of my grandfather's tools, so it's really cool to see you, both tell about the tool and show how to use the tool.When we were apprentices, my friend had a Stahlwille tool kit and I had a Proto tool kit.What chess or chess engine are you using.So get a decent one and wait for the savings to pour in.

I dont understand how the queen

I dont understand how the queen

Me playing chess: how I'm going to survive to this?Too much gibberish around the 6 tips.4:30My aunt used to have this when I was like 9 or 10.Edit: 10:04 Ah, got it.Edit: I meant several years ago, I just saw he uploaded new episodes not long ago.Needless to say, Subscription added!

Ne5 is not the best move.

Ne5 is not the best move.

I don’t play chess and youtube algorithm recommended this.This is brilliant.Aman: This opening is a win for black.And I can logically assess that altogether it may take for example 30 hours.I would love to play chess with such a masterpiece.

Have you considered

Have you considered

You have a calming voice.Not interesting.I think they're trying to lull each other to sleep that's the way the games are looking.The prop cavitation bubbles are amazing.Now I just have to go cut a tree down for her and buy myself 2 years as well ).Just outstanding instruction and sharing knowledge and love for the game.It is a true piece of art.Hepinizi ok seviyorum.Alpha zero where u at.What are ya saying the title is english.

Happy Dad

You're an inspiration to me and others.  Keep up the great work!


How much it is.

Tommy Petraglia

Once again without a plan put to paper the Zen Master goes to work ...or rather- at play.One thing tho, no contact adhesive for the veneers?

nina gulfan

Sana alll

Mandeep Thethi

mssmaths If Rxd2, then Rxd2, Qxd2, Qxc8 losing an exchange.

paul attard

If someone hasn't already suggested. The transformer may have a in-wind fuse hidden under a few layers of wrap. I have repaired several transformers by replacing that fuse. It will be on the primary (Input) winding and is usually a fiber insulator with a tiny piece of wire across it. Good luck.


ship it to intel i bet thay will love it alot an to show at IT SHOWS

James Mccord

"A4....Underline her hopelessness..." 1:01:04


A wonderful explanation and demo of a shooting board and it's strengths. Thanks for sharing, Jay. Lovely plane, too. Wow.

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I got a challenge for ya! make a negation gate.

Joshua Paren

In less than a quarter of a day, already 14k views goddamn

Chance Roberson

That stairdown with the dude from Twilight was intense

Thomas Russell

Pure success on the melting chess-board. Brilliant.

Selvaraju Ramiah

I can't believe that I'm 10 to

Martin Zintzun

You have me cracking up over here. Keep the videos coming.

Alon and Guy Ostrun

Greetings from Israel agadmator