INDIA Clean Sweep T20 & NEW ZEALAND Clean Sweep ODI Series | Pakistani Public Reaction

Guys at 21:05 Moe gets so angry he just yells and asks for the mirror like, "give me the fucking mirror" and at that time his voice gets a bit deep and his eyes glow red!Plays the most obvious predictable boring moves.Try combining battleship and chess :).It is beautiful and great video.I played a guy who after bishop to c4 went pawn to d5.Via Ethernet connection or with Wifi dongle you can attach to it.I am helping the Girl Scouts make a free book house and wanted to do what you did but was stuck on how to get it done with the siding.And everything else seems to be done exactly the same.

The bots are hard to beat, but it

The bots are hard to beat, but it

That Aaron Sorkin in the audience?Eres un profesional.When I first saw the video I didn't think it would be so in depth and amazing.What a crazy fucking life.Don’t give me the bills, give me the buns.This is how Indians will speak English.

He simply made it much easier for us

He simply made it much easier for us

But as Richard McCombs said more than one way to skin a cat.Learn how to be caring helping stop going concert country.14:15 the bottom right piece moved.At 6:51 when black moves Rook to h8 why cant white grab the free pawn left undefended?I don't think some of the professional manufacturers do a very good job of that and I always make sure to check that on any guitar I buy.Just know, it was traumatizing.

Why do the knight

Why do the knight

Some people wonder why some moves weren't played, so he tries his best to point out why.The algorithm-creator and the machine)But what's a generation?Looks a little unsteady.Beautiful work, and came out looking quite classy!Just wanted to see the game, there is too much commentary, chance of missing the game is very high.Use a queen to go above the rook.),and if you're careful enough, the results can be quite good without spending too much:.How did you make the dovetail table?


I made an "eek" sort of face when you put it on the lathe.Just a second later you showed yourself making the same sort of face.I am glad there was no disaster! It is a unusual and elegant piece.


But u can sharpening the knife without u make the guiloutine right?

david hamilton

Ps beautifulmachine

The Six Angel Cried Out

i would love to play you, when i play chess i think of combat dont lose against any humans lol

Iso- Drxxpy

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Manuel Romero

I get hypnotized by the way you tell these stories. You're forcing me to like chess, man.

Erica Princessa

Umiyak talaga ako Maganda na mabait pa. Tiniruan talaga nang magandang asal si hanna.

Free Yai

I love this Russian guy too

matt pease

Those poor blades.R.I.P.


obviously more evil


Poor child at 15:00. It's obvious he was the one who was told he was too stupid to find a tit.

tom m

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Peter Negan

a man with a van will always beat a man with no van, it is just pure physic!

Shirish Sharma

Eric wants to mate her.