Incredible game. The most memorable games of 2019 - 3rd place - Ivan Saric vs Aydin Suleymanli

"Why did I do that?This game is awesome and I love it for that reason."higher gravity on Mars".Bombshell news !

Must be talking about Chris Prinsloo.Nobody:Fabi at 4:37: "Aight, imma head out".Nameofyourexecutable.Omg thank you so much.Malah bikin bingung pemula.They need to hire you to train their staff.How heavy is the pt113b unstrung (without strings, and without lead).

Fuck yeah Anthony!I think it is better to leave the walls thick to prevent cracking.Bishop would take rook on f1 because pawn is no longer protecting it.1:11:20 did he just said 59 instead of 95?Make a dress next.So you made a Chopping Board with Wood and Glue.Like the fan made ones or something idk.1:23 Cross promo!

Assuming black doesn't play some dumb move that contradicts this procedure or gives up the win, you can always use the following procedure to solve the puzzle(black's move is not listed and can vary):1.Can anybody see that move backfiring?You might have no idea.I will be nneuteredif she had any clue, I play up to 6 hours on the weekends.So would the next one be 1130?Me: ok lets find a music to read harry potter withMe: hears dumbledore's farewellPuts my invisible hat to my chest Stands upCries.Kissing was a big no no and dancing like Elvis remember?My favorite chess board.May be it's DRAW.Loved the rook sacrifice from both players.

That part with the salt.

That part with the salt.

I made the six differently.That's where 12 comes from.Everytime I feel like I'm about to understand,the next point takes me back to zero.Nothing worse then watching someone waste time pulling wood out of their eyes, or fingers for 20 minutes.But (pi)0 - 1 0.That is really F’in cool!Fine attacking play.20:44 axb5 bxc5 Qxc3.Oh my god, I love the design of it, it's like beautiful German midcentury modern design.

In the background?

In the background?

White Elephant (G7), the black King (E8).And why do they break every time.RIP opportunity.Mi ngi xem thy hay nh ng K Knh nhn like ng h anh y nheeeee.Stick red Minecraftherobrine.Came for the game.This poor design required some WEIGHT at the bottom.Nice mayonnaise glue dispenser.Maybe even editing some of your videos moves to match the actual times played for a Bliz game (for example)?

Steve Smith

whoops, it is camphor laurel, dopey me.

William Pugh

Neat toys.

Chris McDowell CMR Woodworks

Very nice looking table!

Miguel Miyamoto

The most beautiful piece of junk ever

Papa Yoda

Is there any other free apps that you can do the same thing

my name is Mohammed sharukh bhulna mat

Bhai please Sumit dalo yaar Papa ka Naam happy father's day dena hai

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Monotonous voice

Ahmed Musallam

Ur videos are amazing buddy, keed the good work

Brad LaCoste

HAMMER adjustment FTW!!!!!!Brilliant - you made my day.

Soundwave Superior

Chess, but with FRICKIN LASERSThis is how you sell something

Parth KamatKamat


Danny Shumway

their baby's

Justin Hutchinson

You need to ask that guy who is an expert at everything

jerome rhode

There is a correct method using the venier calliper.. not the way you started when taking dimensions.

sunitha vinal

Please do a video on KIA