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Levonian is natural.

Levonian is natural.

She is so awesome, wish she would teach me:).His opponent never captured it.Super smart and super beautiful.For the mines, couldn't you glue them, turn the model upside down and glue on the chains as support?Very good and very instructive.Wow, the effects were ripped Who would have guessed that the proof would turn pretty violent.

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GM Yes-Im-A Kuala-Bear

GM Yes-Im-A Kuala-Bear

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Ente channel onnu subscribe cheyyanep.

Ente channel onnu subscribe cheyyanep.

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It's veryyyyyygood idea you are a genius

Anton Leodolter

how can these vids have less views than agad? best chess content ever.


Fuck Tom looks great! Literally my first thought when it started.

Joe Martinelli

Kings Indian always my favorite against d4

Levar Kizer

Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube chess master rap don't forget to subscribe

Dwayne k27ism

Wow you actually won with 8 seconds to spare!

Zoren Caada

"Always Active""Always liking video""Not Skipping Ads"Ign:1stgear031219I'd:396856441(3819)Leomord skin enferno soulThank you...good bless..

Jim Steinbrecher

Nice cutting board, and simple to make.

Adi Uti


david fairbee

Can you do a part 2 of the chessboard

brian flower

Very interesting to watch, and I don’t even have a table saw !


Taking a break from The morphe Saga to tell about the Blindfolded morphe game makes agad like the Marvel comic of telling truly great chest sagas

Benny Albarran

You should’ve done the new 2020 model hydro flask.