IM Sielecki's "An hour of Chess... explained!" 2017-07-24

Queen captures,bishop captures and game continue.Caps for sale is about a guy with 100 stacked on his head but then monkeys in a tree stole his hat.Q to f7 rather than sacrifice the bishop.

Saving everything on clouds is another good option

Saving everything on clouds is another good option

I know zero about electrical components.Maybe getting better enough to give this a try.Oh, I thought this was Mikhail Tal analysing the games of the greatest of all time, GM Ben Finegold.I have seen this more than 30 years ago from good talented American people.Does Capa know the theory yet?Please post some more videos.That Analysis was awesome!Assome recipe buddy please shown your face.

OMG so much sugar.

OMG so much sugar.

I click on the video and watch the first 5 seconds: What did you do to Lincoln!I need something that can teach me with interactive learning.I like Tal's daring attacks but I would like to see some of the games where his attacks did not succeed but led to his loss.Dedushka1985"Site "Chess.4:44 pe white ne Queenkiu nehi liya.Excellent video btw.

It's so beautiful.WTF why is that lamp above the dolls moving 21:40.I made one in high school.Please stop talking politics.How did the name Botez Gambit start?Why didnt white 7:32 take rook on a8, i cant see any threats its just 2 free rooks for a pawn?

Rusty Richardson

I’m no where near your craftsmen level. But thanks for sharing. Very beautiful

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nice game

Tim Tim

venez vous abo a ma chaine c Tim Tim

Rajesh Mohan

Public forum nu paakaren.. illa na yennoda vaayile edhachum asingama vandhudum


Thanks, you explain things well. I just encountered a closed position like this yesterday and TOTALLY screwed it up. :)

Tanmay Patil

They are not foolish


This is boring to me, anyone mind telling me who won? I'm gonna guess the dude


Ronnie was like "come on kid, I've been winning our tugs of wars, just take this......take this now!!......before I change my mind !!".

Clash with Krishiv

klaman:I am sherlock homesSir Mikhail Tal:I am James Bond

Trung Hieu Tran

do you ship your product to the U.S?

Dana Petrova

All them serial killers 1970-1990 always nearsighted. This guy, Ed Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer..Interesting.

Drink Water

Post rock is just something else.You recognize it instantly.Very special music indeed.Finally a good recommendation, Youtube!


Lovely.... can u pls give me this ha ha. Great job.

Ivy X Mitchell X

How do we know if our univers as we know it didn’t start like this? We do not yet know of the future as it has not yet happened. However we know the past. We should be looking back in order to look forward.

John Doe

I love how utterly confused the cars get when they exit the track haha

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Dobrin Ivanov

Thanks for the video, well done