Impressive King March from GM manwithavan (Magnus Carlsen)

Im new to lichness.Timewise (12:30 against 3:30) he should look for moves that keep pieces on the board such as Rd5 followed by e.Blue hair and vapes.I suppose these rich people would say, they have million dollar yachts, because they save on rent.It’s such a pain to focus.So it’s basically Marvel but the real mythical story!6:11 in the center of the rode.Is any one laughing that Bobby Fisher could have checkmate.

He just calls the cards he wants him to have."Wallerstein stressed that the LP viny record.High blood si Bonita eh hahaha.This is what talent gets you.You missed the black rook on a7.Damn what a game.Very interesting how you did it.

Fantastic video.

Fantastic video.

You know Magnus is playing great when he consistently beats his kryptonite RebeccaHarris.The one thing I'm continually running out of.Why not queen takes knight at 3:10.Jarane dobar si!Gligoric and Fisher become best friends later.Really like the idea.How cute your baby's,.Murzin played very wellp.Not quantity quality is more importent.You know it's gonna be a hell of a video when Vsauce throws the deepest mindfuck in the first 35 seconds.

So pile 1 contains 0 faceup cards.Perfectly directed.Fucking Levon, man.To hit the 10 minute mark for adds?I'm getting so many good views out of this.Am here for the job being done.


Is that one of those chess sets?

Danielle Osquiza


OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

So nice with new tec awsum

Binda Jude

i , vebeen watching this for 90 years contunisly

Daniel Isabella

Can you please make more videos I've watched almost every single one

Dylan Hooper

The London in London.

Lin Shannon

This was excellent. It's informative, aesthetic, and JC's demonstration is full of direct, clear, precise, and very informative detail.

suresh badiger

Very nice