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And then you see a few seconds later it moves to f2.Amazing check this too.Rich greedy folk smh.Totally beautiful.I have experience in making stuff from pallets so I feel your pain on the nails.This would leave a lot of room to fit a 90 gas swivel fitting on the end?Titan you are a titan there is nothing else to say.Comment is posted to your channel.

A guy building a model gave me chills, his skills are that amazing.When I mistakenly put the white king in b1 instead of a1 at move 37 for the engine analysis, d6 is the best move (because the king can escape to c2).I request to show written moves to note in my diary and practice alternatives.It has to do this because most commercial engines are made for the general public who do not usually have access to powerful hardware.I will be gone for a while, please take care of my comment.Carlsen should joined too.THE END IS HERE!ITS all about possibilty thinking Black Thought Checkmate from the beginning, despite getting HIS QUEEN SACRIFICED, Beautiful.I saw a weird entity and I heard a scream from my phone.

All the pieces are in the same positions and no one is playing chess.Lol, Danny 43:17 "yeah I don't know what Magnus was thinking about at h4".In german, the word for poop (Kot) is just an old word for mud, and of course streets got muddy since they weren't all paved.Yap yap How about a one minute game with no yap in it?"Did you see the triceratops?

How can a knight get in to the middle position.Galing talaga ni long napapatawa ako at dito naman napapaiyak.Mark Boesmiller.Don’t do a review if you’re not a fan.We, humans, can play that fast to do the diagonal movements :-(Anyway, it was awesome :-).Pawn to G5 after moving the king kill the pawn on H7.Waaaaaaaaaay too basic.

Damn giris wife is

Damn giris wife is

I have read several articles in books, magazines or online regarding steam bending but they don't really elaborate on the drying time.You shouldn't have put the thermite in a can, that's what caused the energy to be dispersed upwards.Moonton:nerf him.I LIKE PROFILE PHOTO OF BOTH PLAYERS A LOT.42:11 Pog naka likes 5Head.Your left handed.Ollie705 I also thought of Ra7 but how shouldwhite continue afterwards?Your work measuring and constructing was quite accurate,though to a very low degree of precision,i.

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Over a year.How's it holding up?

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I love the DEATH ZONE on your sled! Best idea I've seen in years! . Sending lots of love from sunny Arizona


ahh.. what a shame that the bronstein lecture is unavailible! I really like his style, and I bet gm finegold showed some awesome moves and combinations of his.. Well, you can't have everything I guess.


Reminds me of the famous opera game by Morphy in an aesthetic sense.

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This video is best viewed at 2x speed.

Hybrid Inferno

X squared X 1X1=X squared-X-1X1infinite solutions